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  1. Crede

    Saturday Night Contest - See The Unseen

    112 811 748
  2. Crede

    Saturday Night Contest - The Coin Toss

    Tails Tails Heads Tails Heads
  3. Crede

    Saturday Night Contest - Animal Kingdom Lotto

    9 of Spades Jack of Hearts 3 of Diamonds 4 of Clubs King of Spades Queen of Diamonds 9 of Diamonds 6 of Clubs Jack of Spades
  4. Crede

    Practicing - "How not to do Mistakes"

    Good lord, it looks like people are forgetting the first rule of the internet, don't feed the trolls. Although I must admit, baiting this one is amusing. Thanks for the laughs, peeps.
  5. Crede

    Saturday Night Contest - Election 2012 Prediction

    Obama: 301 Romney: 237 Obama: 320 Romney: 218
  6. Crede

    Saturday Night Contest - Playing with Players

    Card 1: 9 of Diamonds Card 2: Ace of Hearts Card 1: 2 of Clubs Card 2: 3 of Spades
  7. Crede

    Saturday Night Roundtable - Daniel Madison

    I am under (please correct me if wrong!) the impression that you no longer actively cheat at cards in casinos, but still use those skills for magical demonstrations. Other than card cheating and magic, how does that part of you (the ability to cheat at cards) change your life in other ways? For...
  8. Crede

    Saturday Night Contest - Lucky Guess

    Jack of Hearts, 7 of Clubs, 4 of Diamonds. Good luck all!
  9. Crede

    New tshirts

    .... No offense, man, and I'm not sure about everyone else, but as a general rule I try not to buy something where shipping costs 75% of the product cost. That is steep.
  10. Crede

    Price of cards directly from USPCC?

    Look around a little more before buying, I would say. I know that at Sam's Club you can buy 12 decks of Bikes (6 red, 6 blue) for around 14 bucks or something, which is a great deal. So check that out if you can (and then there's no shipping cost, either)
  11. Crede

    A nice THIN deck of cards?

    To me the finish on Aviators feels a little "stickier"-- that is, the cards don't fan or spread as well as Bikes, persay, but that means they tend to cut a little better. If you work the deck a little they can be quite bendy too. I'm not cardist though. Good luck!
  12. Crede

    What makes a great deck review?

    My advice would be practice the flow of the review. Too often we see reviews and we sigh, cause it's a 9 minute video, and we know it's just gonna be this guy talking about random things for 9 minutes. Cut your review up into sections, do a little editing on your video before uploading it, and...
  13. Crede

    New Releases

    Agreed, some really nice releases. Also, for whatever reason (probably that I haven't been on T11 all that much of late) it felt like there was slightly less hype over the releases, which was nice. I mean hype isn't bad, but it can be annoying sometimes if releases are way over-hyped.
  14. Crede

    Saturday Night Contest - Read My Mind

    Shift- page 59 Enumeration- page 109 Retained- page 15.
  15. Crede

    SIX New Releases + Free White Monarchs - Friday!

    Here's (another) question: if we have stuff in our online shopping cart before Friday (for example, at one point I added a few decks cause I was going to get them, and they've been sitting there ever since- well, imagine that they are, since it's the internet), and it totals over $50, if we...
  16. Crede

    SIX New Releases + Free White Monarchs - Friday!

    I'd thought that too, but nope, on the last page:
  17. Crede

    SIX New Releases + Free White Monarchs - Friday!

    Yeah, pretty much. Although Friday is my graduation, so maybe I'll buy myself a present. Shall we guess on what they are (the releases)? 1. Rapture (confirmed) 2. Insane (confirmed, afaik) 3. A deck of cards (somewhat confirmed by Lyle in this thread) 4. Monarch uncuts (we know these...
  18. Crede

    Saturday Night Contest - 30 Seconds of Change

    I was also under the impression that - in which case, (BRoop13's video) should not have won- it's simple as that. According to the rules, he did not execute the most color changes in 30 seconds. I counted 12 changes in his video, a few of which flashed...
  19. Crede

    Saturday Night Contest - 30 Seconds of Change

    Haha, thanks man! I don't take credit, obviously; this is an old "prank" (for lack of a better word) that's been around for a long time. It sure was fun anyways :) Thanks for being positive about it too! Haters be hating, but y'know, haters gonna hate.
  20. Crede

    Saturday Night Contest - 30 Seconds of Change

    Here is mine....about 100 color changes in roughly 29 seconds. I say about a hundred because 1) the second deck is not a complete deck and 2) I messed up a little bit on a few of the changes and the method is visible. I'm hoping/praying that this doesn't invalide my entire entry, but only those...
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