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  1. etherealictrinity

    Saturday Night Contest - MC2 x 2014

    I'm coming out of retirement for this one boyz
  2. etherealictrinity

    Saturday Night Contest: Superbowl Prediction v3

    49'ers: 49 ravens: 28 uheuheuheuheuehu
  3. etherealictrinity

    Where can i find this effect?

    where can i learn the effect where the magician takes a nail and hammers it into his nose and then takes it out? Ive seen it a couple times before and i'm interested in doing it
  4. etherealictrinity

    Galaxy Cuts: Your illusion

    i completely agree this surpasses your other videos tenfold. I didn't like the silliness because it undermined your actually quite impressive skill.
  5. etherealictrinity

    Brain Games. How come i haven't heard of this?

    Watching this show on national geographic with everyone we love NPH, Copperfield, Apollo. I feel like i should have known about this... Is anyone else out of the loop or just me?
  6. etherealictrinity

    How To Store Flash Cotton?

    i put my five pound flash cotton stash right next to my flint and steel in an open container.
  7. etherealictrinity

    End of the World Project

    yeah i just downloaded this and its full of juicy righteous material and i love the end of the world joke this is awesome! 10/10
  8. etherealictrinity

    Just starting coin magic. What do i need?

    So im planning on starting to learn some coin magic and i would like to know what the basic setup for the average coin magician is. Do you guys just carry around a pocket of change? or special silver half dollars full dollars ect. and also where i could acquire said materials. All responses...
  9. etherealictrinity

    Newbie from Arizona

    Arizonians UNITE!
  10. etherealictrinity

    Australians Please help

    I don't think there are many magicians from Australia on here let alone employed table hoppers. So if i were in your shoes i would make a promotional video showcasing my skills and present it to the owner maybe a business card or two. The more professional you seem the less of a risk it becomes...
  11. etherealictrinity

    Daniel Madison's Anthology

    So i recently acquired Anthology by Daniel Madison and the vastness of it has me lost. I've read a lot of it but i'm not sure which effects and gimmicks i should invest my time into. So i'm asking of anyone who owns anthology or any of Daniel Madison's works (considering they are all in...
  12. etherealictrinity

    Smoke by Alan Rorrison

    i lost my gimmick its not that difficult to misplace
  13. etherealictrinity

    My video response: for Mixed Entertainment! =P

    i know what he is up to
  14. etherealictrinity

    Make your own loops?

    tying them yourself can get tedious but is totally worth it and i completely recommend it.
  15. etherealictrinity

    Paint the Roses Red - Lewis Le' Val

    i agree harmony was the only real effect on the dvd, everything else seems like it was put on the dvd to take up space :/ but hey at penguin they had it at a discount so i cant complain :P
  16. etherealictrinity


    so if i buy the pdf version can i put it on a flash drive for safe keeping and whatnot? also if i cant do that will the download always be available for me incase my computer bites the dust (ect)?
  17. etherealictrinity


    so ive been looking around for a whole bunch of magic to conquer and anthology caught my eye. Ive always been a fan of daniel madison and i was wondering a few things 1-Are there any copies left? 2-to any of you who have it is it worth the money? (in your opinion) all answers are appreciated ;o
  18. etherealictrinity

    Saturday Night Roundtable - Andy Nyman!

    what other mustache styles have you tried before the wonderful stache you are sporting now?
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