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    Saturday Night Contest - Simply Fooled

    Both are impromptu, I hope you like them.
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    Now You See Me Extra Features!

    Sweet, I didn't know that either. Thanks for sharing, I can't wait to see it.
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    Tricks with 4 Aces

    Hands down; Reset by Paul Harris. It actually uses any two four of a kind, but totally impromptu and a great opener. It's in Supermagic, along with a bunch of other awesome routines.
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    Never doing magic again.

    You can ask any successful magician for horror stories and I'm sure they will have plenty. It happens to everyone and it's honestly the only way to get good. I've been caught countless times and after right after, I feel just about the same as you did. It's a sucky feeling and I totally...
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    This guy Eric Leclerc did a magic performance video a day for a year. He's a very funny guy and each video was entertaining: Check him out:
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    No books on Theory11

    Theory11 only sells what it produces. They simply don't produce books. I hope answers your question...
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    List of Awesome Books

    All I wanted was a list of books, man. I'm sorry I apparently offended everybody, it wasn't my intention.
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    List of Awesome Books

    All I meant was that most of the DVDs that people buy now are collections of tricks, without a lot of explanation on moves and sleights. I wanted to make a list of books that have the same goal. Of course I know the value of the material in Bobo and Tarbell's books, but that's not what this...
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    List of Awesome Books

    I also want to link a site that has used magic books for cheaper prices. (check out the "Used Titles" section)
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    List of Awesome Books

    Hey, guys. I'd like to get a list of really good intermediate/advanced books going. I want to do this because I know how hard it can be to find great books right now. Everything seems to be all about the DVDs and although there's nothing wrong with that, there is also some awesome material in...
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    California :Meetups/Jams

    Ya, I'm sure he's cool with it.
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    What do you do with ad cards?

    Does that work..?
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    California :Meetups/Jams

    William Draven is right. I go over there every couple of weeks just to hang out.
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    What do you do with ad cards?

    David Regal has a routine with a full deck of add cards in Approaching Magic. So, while you save up for the book, you can also save up those ad cards to do the routine ;)
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    Absolute Essentials.

    The key to most card tricks is control. You need to be able to control a card to the top (ie. a pass or double undercut), control a card to the bottom (overhand shuffle or double undercut), a TON of tricks use a double lift. A bunch of tricks use a palm or cop, and so on. I hope this helps!
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    Absolute Essentials.

    Right off the bat, I'd say if you haven't already, pick up a copy of Royal Road. I would say the essentials are some kind of double lift, double undercut, a force (probably multiple), a pass, overhand shuffle, elmsley count, palm, and maybe a color change (just for good measure). Also, handling...
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    Making Money With Free Tricks?

    As amusing as that little rant about being an "*******" it was a little too long. Maybe only 2 or 3 examples next time ;) But I do agree, this was a bad idea that sounded a little childish.
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    Multiple card color change?

    lol buy hey, at least you earned a subscriber ;)
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    California :Meetups/Jams

    California is PACKED with magicians, dude. It's pretty much the magic capital. I'd be down, what did you have in mind?
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    Collins Key on AGT :: Any comments?

    To me, that mentalism routine was a little bit too much like Justin Willman's. I mean, it's cool to do the same trick, but the exact same presentation? And after Willman has already performed it on Ellen? I don't know, it seemed like he watched Justin Willman's performance and said "Hey, I'll...
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