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  1. Mattxdfa

    Old magic game question

    So I found out that one of my favorite bands had an album where they used artwork from some old magic game. I’ve asked around and can’t find out any info on the game so figured I might ask here with the wealth of knowledge everyone here has. if you know anything about it, let me know! Thanks
  2. Mattxdfa

    Doublecross handlings

    SAME! It is so simple which makes me overthink it!
  3. Mattxdfa

    death by magic, thoughts.

    I didn't hate it! Some of the stuff was cool but like Rick said at times the audience members didn't feel genuine.
  4. Mattxdfa

    Your Favorite Halloween Magic?

    With this spooky season upon us, I'm sure many of you will be at Halloween parties/gatherings. I was wondering how many of you will be performing some magic and if so do you have any specific Halloween themed effects? In the past I have used Loops with a Ouija Board/Planchette but my favorite...
  5. Mattxdfa

    Any guide to learn this Chris Ramsay trick?

    I can't remember the name but I do remember it being $1000+ to get it and I believe the company that sells it was out of stock. Also, I'm not sure what "IT" is. Sorry, I know that isn't much help.
  6. Mattxdfa

    What’s in your pockets?

    Magic related I carry loops in my wallet but they are just always there. Its summer so I don't carry anything else, now that it is cooling down and I can wear a jacket I will probably carry a deck of cards. I just don't like a lot of stuff in my pant pockets. It is uncomfortable for me
  7. Mattxdfa

    Hypnotic Pull

    any thoughts really! I know trailers can be somewhat deceiving.
  8. Mattxdfa

    Hypnotic Pull

    Wondering if anyone saw the new Hypnotic Pull effect over at Ellusionist? I'm super intrigued by this gimmick. Was wondering if anyone else has any thoughts on it!
  9. Mattxdfa

    Green Keepers

  10. Mattxdfa

    Green Keepers

    Was wondering if anyone could tell me if the Green Keepers from ellusionist are marked like the red version? The blue didn't seem like they were and the green didn't say so I didn't know if the "Masters" version was the only marked of the variations.
  11. Mattxdfa

    What do you look for in a deck of playing cards?

    When collecting I look for design that I like and a nice tuck case as well. If I am performing I usually use Bicycles because people know that deck of cards. I was using NOCs for the longest time because I liked the look but people kept saying it was a trick deck because they had never seen a...
  12. Mattxdfa

    Shipping Costs

    not much you can do other than pay it. It isn't the fault of the companies that charge it, that's what they are paying to ship
  13. Mattxdfa

    Shipping Costs

    yea shipping is nuts right now. I just purchased a vinyl record from the UK and it was over $40 because of shipping which is insane!
  14. Mattxdfa

    "Spectators do the darndest things"

    Nothing super strange like what you had shared but once I was showing some friends "Jump" and I had them shuffle their card into the pack. Once they were done and handed the deck back I realized their card was on top of the entire deck so instead of flicking it out of the middle of the deck I...
  15. Mattxdfa


    When getting into magic I never put a lot of thought into presentation. I kind of just bounced from effect to effect. Since I began posting/reading threads on this forum I have come to realize the importance of presentation/patter. I put more thought into how effects transition into one another...
  16. Mattxdfa

    What deck do you primarily use?

    Usually bikes 75% of the time. I like the NOCs as well because of how minimal they are.
  17. Mattxdfa

    Do you perform at work?

    I have a couple times but I work somewhere with a bunch of guys that no matter the presentation they are going to try and either mess me up OR try and figure it out. They ask me often to do something but I almost never do. The times I have I had to blindside them and make it so they were half...
  18. Mattxdfa

    Finding a good nickname, magician name?! Is it necessary?!

    I always thought the same, that "The Great" or "The Amazing" was something that no one should be doing anymore unless you're a big name and perform on a large scale in Vegas or something! I've always thought about if I attempted to take the next step and want to try and make some money off...
  19. Mattxdfa

    How can I reduce hand trembling when performing?

    I've never done it but I have read just knocking out a few push ups or clinching your fists really tight and holding and then letting go can help with the shakes. I'm in the same boat as you, they usually go away after the first few tricks. I agree that the better I get the more I think it is...
  20. Mattxdfa

    People don't like the cross cut force?

    I used it when I first started doing magic because it was the only force I knew and it was easy. I hated it though because it seemed too simple and I was afraid I was going to be caught. So I learned a few different forces. I recently saw Franco Pascalli post on instagram about how underrated...
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