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  1. Gabriel Z.


    So I ordered a deck of avengers and thought I would put them to use.
  2. Gabriel Z.

    A Package.

    I love the way this video came out. Plus I wanted to give you guys an update on my Up The Ladder journey.
  3. Gabriel Z.

    New Layout??

    Is it just me or has the Theory11 website changed slightly?? I noticed that we can put emojis on our likes now..
  4. Gabriel Z.


    Hello, Just a positive message reminding everyone to breathe. In these times it's hard to step back sometimes and just take in a breath of fresh air. Here are todays cuts. Enjoy stay safe and be well.
  5. Gabriel Z.

    Game Over! (Cherry Picked)

    Hey Guys, I took three clips of me doing Up The Ladder and cherry picked what I thought to be the best ones out of three on each clip. Hope you guys enjoy stay safe.
  6. Gabriel Z.

    Meeting in the Middle!

    Hello, I just had a thought , and rather than letting it go past like other thoughts that go through my mind thought I would broach. I tend to go to extremes on things most of the time. Such as with my Up The Ladder ahem. With that being said when should you ask for a helping...
  7. Gabriel Z.

    Lets Talk Resolutions.

    Hey guys , What are your guys New Years Resolutions for 2021? .... It's the new year this Friday.. You have to have at least one way to improve yourselves. Mine is to continue practicing these bad boys and lose more weight.
  8. Gabriel Z.

    Business Cards.

    Hello all , I received my new business cards in the mail the other day. I am super excited about them. This is what they look like here. Let me know if you would like a few of them I have 1,500 of them. Just PM me your address if you live in the United States.
  9. Gabriel Z.


    Bond. James Bond. Love these cards... Happy Holidays Everyone!!
  10. Gabriel Z.

    Fundamentals of Card Magic with Me!!

    Fun little project this was :::
  11. Gabriel Z.

    The Card Magic of Gabriel Zudeck(Trailer)

    Hey folks, I redid my YouTube channels trailer. Let me know what you guys think or don't think.... Fine by me. For you to compare and contrast here is my old trailer: And here is the new one: Thanks for everything Theory11.
  12. Gabriel Z.

    Being Me!!

    Just a general thread and an update on my Up The Ladder journey. Enjoy!!
  13. Gabriel Z.


    I have not posted an Up The Ladder video in a while on the Theory11 forums. So here ya go: Called this one Recovery for an obvious reason. I messed up on the first cycle and then recovered. Hope everyone is staying safe. Peace!
  14. Gabriel Z.

    Feel Good Cuts!!

    Sometimes you're in a good mood and it reflects in your work: Thought I should share:
  15. Gabriel Z.

    Theory11 - 7 Years Later!!

    Hey guys, Every year I try and post a video commemorating another year at my favorite magic site. I'm a little early this year. I actually came in Apr 26, 2013. I also had the urge to record some moves today so... Here ya go!!
  16. Gabriel Z.

    Classic Pass!!

    Okie dokie...Here it is:
  17. Gabriel Z.

    Star Wars!!

    I decided to make a trailer for my newly arrived Star Wars Playing Cards. Enjoy!!
  18. Gabriel Z.

    Math Magic!!

    You'll start feeling insignificant at about 16 minutes in.;)
  19. Gabriel Z.

    Happy Birthday Brett Hurley!!

    For those of you not in the know T11, known joker and Tenyo magic enthusiast Brett Hurley is celebrating his birthday today. A true friend sees past your faults and works with you know matter what. Brett Hurley has been very helpful and supportive in helping me develop my card magic skill...
  20. Gabriel Z.

    Overhand Shuffle.

    I just finished watching Jason England's video on the overhand shuffle. I love the way Jason England goes over all the terminology as far as the overhand shuffle is concerned. He even talks about how to read Erdnase The Expert at the Card Table. Makes me wonder how much is really out there...
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