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  1. I_love_Magic

    Twisting the Aces

    When someone asks me to do a very short trick I usually do Twisting the Aces by Dai Vernon. You'll only need the four aces. But often I perform the Maxi Twist, because it's a cool ace-twisting routine and it's got a great kicker-ending!
  2. I_love_Magic


    The idea isn't that new. But the presentation was good and the handling also ok. btw, very good cardini! ;)
  3. I_love_Magic

    Most likely the most deceptive false shuffle...EVER

    People, relax! This was supposed to be a joke, it wasn't actually that funny. So now stop being stupid and discussing whether or not the "False Shuffle" was great! :rolleyes:
  4. I_love_Magic

    Criss Angel revealing theory11 videos?

    lmao "The Be Nice To Me Change by Jackie Chan" :D You need this book by Chung Ling from Streetfighter xDDDDDDDDDDD One of the funniest magic videos I've ever seen. That was really great, man! :D
  5. I_love_Magic

    Small Stage Sandwich

    Absolutely, freaking amazing idea! This is so great, man! I've rarely seen such a good card trick lately. I'm really impressed. This was absolutely great!! 10000/5
  6. I_love_Magic

    MAGIC-CON 2010 - Stories / Pictures / Videos

    Dude, that's like heaven. Someone else has got some videos? :)
  7. I_love_Magic

    New World Record - 31 Decks of Cards in 1 hand

    lol, that was funny :D dude, how many invisible decks have you got??
  8. I_love_Magic

    Do you practice everything?

    I mostly practice my routines. But sometimes I remember an old sleight, that I've learned and do it a few times not to unlearn it.
  9. I_love_Magic

    MAGIC-CON 2010 - Stories / Pictures / Videos

    Hey, thx for sharing the pics. Man, this looked like real fun. I so gotta go next year!
  10. I_love_Magic

    New Video

    Hey, loved your performance as well as your costume. It looked awesome. :)
  11. I_love_Magic

    Ryan Swigert is the man.

    haha, that was a great one. :D
  12. I_love_Magic

    Jerry's Nuggets from Lee Asher

    Wanted to buy one, but unfortunately I calculated the time zones wrong. I was an hour to late. :( Actually it's quite a good investment, cause if you just buy one deck of these and resell it on eBay you make profit.
  13. I_love_Magic

    Off to Austria

    I'm sorry, but in Austria there aren't many magic shops. There's one in Vienna, but probably you're not going there either. But here's the link to it: Actually I live in Switzerland, the neighboring country. There we also only have...
  14. I_love_Magic

    Hakuna Matata :: Control & Color Change

    Yeah, looks quite good. I'd have found it also better without all these cuts. But nice job on the color change. In my point of view I find the control impractical though.
  15. I_love_Magic

    The Harbor Change REVEALED!

    Haha, that's really a great idea. Seriously, this would be a creative idea for a Saturday Night Contest.
  16. I_love_Magic

    Pinky count issue

    This problem occurs because the ring fnger and pinky share one muscle. There's only one muscle for both fingers. So that's why it's so hard to move the pinky without the ring finger. But with practice you'll get used to it. But I actually don't think, that it makes a big difference, if the...
  17. I_love_Magic

    Can you help me?

    Hmm, I don't know how good you can use editing programs, but I wouldn't use Windows MovieMaker, because that gives the impression of a cheap video made by a 12 year old. :D I consider buying a good editing program for example Sony Vegas. Then I'd go to youtube, because there are some pretty...
  18. I_love_Magic

    Changing - Nick Ganesh

    The double was sick. Extremely smooth, although the cardini wasn't perfect. I'd also like to see a tut of this amazing double.
  19. I_love_Magic

    Chicken Sandwich - Created by Alfie Whattam

    All I can say is that I liked the idea very much.
  20. I_love_Magic

    Gimmicks are WRONG?

    I don't often use gimmicks, but sometimes I do. In my opinion it's better to do impromptu tricks, because firstly you're always set for a trick and secondly you don't have to think about getting rid of the gimmick. But if you know, you're gonna perform at a certain event, of course you can...
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