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  1. BCardician

    Y Project Official Release

    “A book both for laymen and magicians.” – Teller “Biz is funny. This made me laugh.” – Ed Marlo “Hmm...” – Dai Vernon “Crazy man. I like.” – Juan Tamariz During the month of Mai I challenged myself to stay awake for one day and create as many patterns, sleights and effects as I...
  2. BCardician

    End of the World Project

    I am glad you like the project guys :) ! There was no point in which I even slightly thought about promoting myself through this project. The entire idea was to share some free and good magic/cardistry with the community and also entertain you guys, because you never know what might happen...
  3. BCardician

    End of the World Project

    It is an e-book. You can trust it my friend. A lot of people have downloaded it and no problems have been reported. It is an e-book with several magic effects and a couple of flourishes. You should give it a read. I know you'll find in there something you'll like.
  4. BCardician

    End of the World Project

    Hey guys! Biz here, once again with a new release, but this time it's not just mine. "The End of the World Project" is a collaboration between awesome magicians and cardists from all around the world brought to you with the occasion of the supposed end of the world. Go to the website...
  5. BCardician

    Ping Pong Pop by Bizau Cristian

    I'm glad you like it guys :)
  6. BCardician

    How do people create their own flourishes?

    When the "CardistMag" was still running I did this interview with the "DYNAMITE" guys. I extracted for you just the part where they answered my question regarding how they create their flourishes. Hope this helps :) Oliver: "I come up with new flourishes when I'm in my little cave hehe.If you...
  7. BCardician

    Ping Pong Pop by Bizau Cristian

    Ping Pong Pop by Bizau Cristian(Free) Hey guys. Wanted to share with you my latest self-produced release. I hope you like it. I am giving this away as a gift, so you can view the entire release on my youtube page :)
  8. BCardician

    Saturday Night Contest: Freestyle Cardistry

    Here's my entry:
  9. BCardician

    If an Octopus Could Palm (Performances)

    Thank you for the kind words :) !
  10. BCardician

    If an Octopus Could Palm (Performances)

    Thanks man :). Glad you do!
  11. BCardician

    If an Octopus Could Palm (Performances)

    Heya guys! Hope you enjoy the video :)
  12. BCardician

    On The Set

    Just jamming and having fun. Look forward to this!
  13. BCardician

    Saturday Night Contest - Making Holiday Magic!

    Was just wondering, does it matter if I put the video on unlisted?
  14. BCardician

    Balean Twist - Further explanation needed

    Hello Starlight ! So sorry I didn't respond to this thread earlier. I've been so busy with school that I barely had time to sleep. Hehe, schools are getting crazier and crazier you can say. But let's not drift away from the subject. First of all I want to thank you for taking an interest in...
  15. BCardician

    Saturday Night Roundtable with Steve Cohen

    I have just one question Mr Cohen. Do you believe in Magic ?
  16. BCardician


    The project was down a little while but it came back a couple of days ago. Here are two videos which I think you'll love :) ! See youtube for more.
  17. BCardician

    Saturday Night Contest - Everyday We're Shufflin'

    Top 3 of spades Bottom Jack of Diamonds
  18. BCardician

    Balean Twist

    Hey Theo. I'm really glad that you like my effect :). If you have any questions regarding the technique, you can PM me or just ask here as long as it doesn't divulge the method. Cheers, Cris.
  19. BCardician

    Balean Twist Wanted to show you guys what you can do after mastering how to turn one card with the spring.
  20. BCardician

    Would you buy this on The Wire?

    As long as you find some applications to it like introducing that into a sandwich for e.g. it would really sell. I like the color change. How are angles?
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