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  1. Zeedub81

    Magic in High School (Video)

    Hey everyone, These are clips of performances filmed at my high school throughout my senior year. I made this video mostly for the people that are in it, so it is reaction-based. Check it out, I think you'll get a kick out of it! :D
  2. Zeedub81

    No more d+M? I hope this is a joke.
  3. Zeedub81

    Ellusionist Modernized!

    Check it out everyone: I wonder why.... [Notice the "strongly recommended" section]
  4. Zeedub81

    Creating Magic FOR Spectators

    Magic is meant to be performed, right? This is a bit of an idea that I've been thinking about when trying to come up with new tricks. This is for people that want to create their own material but seem uninspired. I think a major problem is that many of us are creating tricks with our...
  5. Zeedub81

    Bicycle Eco Edition & Limited Edition Series Reviews

    First the Eco's: So I was walking through Wal-Mart last week, and look what I came across, a deck of hippie cards: Apparently these cards are made from recycled materials, and the box, cards, all is also recyclable. As you can see, the box is literally a cardboard box. (I actually...
  6. Zeedub81

    Hall Magic 3

    I finally finished my latest video of performing magic at school, Hall Magic 3: What do you think? Merry Christmas!
  7. Zeedub81

    Yet Another Playing Card Design

    I was going to post this in a different thread of playing card designs, but I don't think I'd get any feeback that way. I came up with these in study hall: What do you think?
  8. Zeedub81

    Improvements in Card Boxes

    This is something I've been thinking about for quite some time now. After so many advances in card quality (stock, finish, etc.) why have 0 improvements been done to the box? I'm so tired of sticking a good deck of cards that I've had for a week into a tattered, peeling, and falling apart card...
  9. Zeedub81

    Mike Super Predicts Headline of Newspaper

    I was sent an article that Mike Super is going to predict what the headline of The Herald Leader will be: This is in my city, I just might go to it. What do you guys think?
  10. Zeedub81

    Tom Isaacson on Ellen!

    Now I don't normally watch Ellen, but I was flippin' through the channels and I saw Tom Issacson doing Prophet on Ellen. I couldn't find a video on youtube of it but if any of you do post a link here. He never turned them back to ones but it was cool. Did anyone else see this?
  11. Zeedub81

    Theory11 Artist Miis Here are some pictures of miis I've created of the T11 artists. I only made one for Dan and Dave since they are twins. Some of them were pretty hard to make. I don't feel like individually posting them so I put a link to them all. What do you think?
  12. Zeedub81

    How safe is downloading e-Books overseas?

    I want to get Burn by Daniel Madison but I am worried that my credit card number might get stolen online. So basically, how safe is ordering from d+M's site from America?
  13. Zeedub81

    Urgent Help!

    My entire youtube username has been sabotaged. This is not joke. All of my videos have been lost because my old hardrive on my computer crashed. If anyone knows how to recover it or what caused this, please help. Here is the link to my username.
  14. Zeedub81

    Hall Magic

    What ya'll think of this video I put together of magic at school. Wavehead15 and I are the magicians. (my face is never shown).
  15. Zeedub81

    What do you do when you mess up a trick?

    This is something that I always have trouble with. Sometimes no matter how much you practice, you're gunna screw up at one point or another. So, do you give in and admit that something went wrong, or do you try to cover yourself? For instance, say you ask someone to pick a card, and while...
  16. Zeedub81

    Affliction Shirts

    This isn't really magic related but it is in some aspects. As most magicians know, Criss Angel has made the uber-expensive affliction shirts popular with magicians. (Already popular with UFC and IFL). Daniel Garcia has even been seen wearing one. (One of the Control previews-fly in his eye.)...
  17. Zeedub81

    Can I still get Brown Wynn's?

    Let me explain my situation. When I first saw the preview for the brown wynns going to be released a final time I was going to make sure that I got them. I told my dad to order them on friday when there was still six hours left. He wanted to do it over the phone for fear of identity...
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