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  1. geniver82

    David Blaine: Dive of Death - Magician Cameos

    Kostya Kimlat was in the Bullet Catch segment too
  2. geniver82

    Ways to show both hands empty while they cointain a coin

    David Stone's one is actually Michael Ammar's hand wash sequence
  3. geniver82

    LIT Matchbooks

    I'm eager to know too. I'm from Singapore and matchbooks are very rarely seen in our country. Thank you too Alvin
  4. geniver82

    Best trick of '08

    I've a few in mind which I considered the best so far Extreme Burn Tagged Exile Daniel Madison's Infliction (This blister variation is genius!) Thread I can't conclude until I've seen Thread.
  5. geniver82

    Impromtu card magic

    Harry Loryane's Classic Collection Vol 1-2 Most of John Bannon's books are impromptu Paper Engine Buck Twins' materials
  6. geniver82

    Top 5 Impromptu Card Tricks?

    where can I learn this? Thanks
  7. geniver82

    Miller Cascade Control REVIEW

    Hi Sean, Thanks for the reply. The issue I have about this sleight is, the demo showed a riffle peek prior the cascade move. Left handers cannot do that, all the spectators see are the white corners instead of the pips. (hold a deck in your right hand and you will understand my situation)...
  8. geniver82

    Miller Cascade Control REVIEW

    Just a quick question. I've seen the demo on this. How does this sleight be useful for a lefty?
  9. geniver82

    Alternative to the 4 for 4 Switch?

    Aaron Fisher has one in his FISM notes
  10. geniver82

    4 More on Floor or 5Speed

    5 Speed................
  11. geniver82

    Idea for pushover double lift

    Where did you learnt this? Looks great.
  12. geniver82

    Clip Shift - My Performance in a Mini Routine

    Was the 'clip' phase, supposed to be done like in that video? Isn't it supposed to be hidden while shaking or was the shake only meant to hide the 'shift'?
  13. geniver82

    Your Favorite Color Change?

    Winter Change and Duck Change Ben Earl's Stroke Change is elegant too. But take quite some work to get it down smooth.
  14. geniver82

    Card tricks for 50 spectators

    The Silent Treatment
  15. geniver82

    Lu Chen's card trick...

    For those who are interested, the first phase is a routine from 5X5 Japan, under the name 'Double Shock' which of course can be similarly accomplished with Chris Kenner's 4For4 Switch or Aaron Fisher's Catching The Switch
  16. geniver82

    Que Raro by Dani DaOrtiz

    What I heard was, the version by Dani wasn't a very good one. A good visual learning resource of the cascade control is from Peter Duffie's Move Mastery Vol 3 or Ba*tard Moves Made Easy
  17. geniver82

    PDF Review: The Inversion Theory - David Misner

    any possibilities for a demo of all the effects?
  18. geniver82

    Right-Hand Grip - Help!

    3 words. Watch Bill Malone
  19. geniver82

    Surfaced by Chad Nelson

    the problem for me was the alignment of the card, it doesn't seems to align square with the deck after the replacement. Any help? pls pm me. thanks
  20. geniver82

    Surfaced by Chad Nelson

    the autograph looks like a scribble
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