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  1. Tim H.(4)

    Holiday Wheel 2020

    Looks like I'll be at 2050 points from the wheel this year (and not a single deck/special prize :( ) which brings me handily over the 50,000 lifetime points bar--finally!
  2. Tim H.(4)

    New elite membership card?

    Interesting—the news cards look good! I’ve had a metal one for some time, but like the look of the new one. Which has me curious: do existing members ever get a “refresh” card? I’m at around 48,800 lifetime points. Maybe at 50k...
  3. Tim H.(4)

    Saturday Night Contest - Christmas Card Lotto!

    Red: 9 of Diamonds Green: 9 of Clubs Red: 4 of Clubs Green: King of Diamonds
  4. Tim H.(4)

    Books on magic THEORY

    While you'll have years of study/application ahead with the books already listed, I would note one additional book: Absolute Magic by Derren Brown.
  5. Tim H.(4)

    Good resource on Equivoque?

    One of the most insightful I've read (and the one that's had the greatest impact on my going back and retooling how I word/construct eqivoque routines) is the fairly large section on equivoque in "The Mental Mysteries of Hector Chadwick" by Hector Chadwick. Add to that the fact that the rest of...
  6. Tim H.(4)

    COG by Ben Seward

    Muchos, people like you are the reason the truly good effects never see print. The fact that you would not only pirate this material--which is bad enough--but also post it on eBay in an attempt to profit at the original creator's expense is reprehensible. I hope the mods remove your link as...
  7. Tim H.(4)

    Question about "clocking" a deck of cards

    I'd wager you learned it where most magicians I know have, so hopefully you still have one of these references: - Lorayne's Epitome Location (I have an older version of this, but my understanding is that there's a revised Epitome Location process in a collection of his released 7 or so years...
  8. Tim H.(4)

    COG by Ben Seward

    Bailey, One thing to keep in mind about COG is that, while it's presented as a "think of any card" effect and that's what the bulk of the book is dedicated to, its capabilities extend far beyond that effect. With some ingenuity and presentational creativity, you'll have a weapon in your arsenal...
  9. Tim H.(4)

    David Blaine?

    Your original request to be pointed in a direction that would culminate in understanding and being able to perform Blaine-esque effects is in direct conflict with your desire to apparently spend as little time as possible learning the basics (both of magic and presentation.) Your desire for...
  10. Tim H.(4)

    She Was Like.. And Then I Was Like...

    Well done. Sounds like you handled it nicely. As for your question of "what would I have done"? I've found that those who purport to have psychic powers (which I'll sometimes fish out during an effect's introduction) are the perfect choices for instant stooging. Have never had one ruin what was...
  11. Tim H.(4)

    Card controls

    A big second to the above poster's mention of the side steal. While the "right" control will always vary due to situation, angle, and perceived motivation for a control's movement, I find the side steal is my go-to. If you're not familiar with Paul Cummins' variation of Marlo's deliberate...
  12. Tim H.(4)

    Marked Deck

    As far as books to learn effects/routines, Kirk Charles has put out quite a body of work on the subject. "Marked for Life" is a great book, and is your best bet. He also put out a DVD called "Miracles with a Marked Deck". The Boris Wild deck has been mentioned, so it should come as no surprise...
  13. Tim H.(4)

    Buffing Cards?

    Quite some time back, Steven Youell dedicated a portion of CD-ROM to buffing practices. In looking for a link about it so I could provide you on in this post, I found that he has since posted a video of his entire buffing process on YouTube for all. Enjoy...
  14. Tim H.(4)

    Decoy Disappointment

    I'd like to start out by noting that, while I have methods for combating this which I'm listing out below, I believe many spectators aren't familiar enough with cards to know what a deck should "feel" like. Given that, I view the steps I take below as a thoughtful precaution--not a necessity...
  15. Tim H.(4)

    Are Bicycle decks still the "old" box version?

    Thanks, Lyle. Very good to know! I wouldn't have expected less from you guys. When this purchase from you runs out (although I suspect the 144 packs I just ordered will last a bit) you've definitely got my business.
  16. Tim H.(4)

    Are Bicycle decks still the "old" box version?

    The Bicycle decks sold here at Theory11 are still the older version with the original tuck box design (and with the card back design on the box as opposed to the large ad), correct?
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