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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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  1. Zvik2246

    Middle Eights

    Yet another take on DM's Middle Deal. Enjoy!
  2. Zvik2246

    Daniel Madison's Middle Deal

    Here is my take on DM's Middle Deal. Enjoy.
  3. Zvik2246

    Saturday Night Contest - Lost and Found

    This is my entry. RS-12.
  4. Zvik2246

    Shade - JFX

    Awesome work!
  5. Zvik2246

    Saturday Night Contest - theory11 awards

    Jason England Jason England Jason England
  6. Zvik2246

    Bottom deal resources

    The bottom deal is pretty complicated because of the fact that there are soo many handlings, grips and so on. I believe that your first step for learning this "move" should be to look at Jason England's download here on T11. his teaching is beyond superb and will help you greatly. After you've...
  7. Zvik2246

    So You Want to Study Psychology

    I've been studying Psychology for 9 years now (formal education and on my own) and I totally agree with you. I believe that it's NOT the amount of material that counts, but the understanding that matters. knowing "something" in this field is equal to "nothing" if you don't know it's true and...
  8. Zvik2246

    COG by Ben Seward

    Hi Bailey. My review on COG will be quite different because I don't consider myself a "Magician". I'm learning and working primarily around the field of Psychology and the deceptive practices. Now for the review - The product itself is an amazing piece of art. It's difficult, requires several...
  9. Zvik2246

    THINK Of A Card Tricks

    COG by Ben Seward.. I've never heard or seen a better effect in the "Think of a card" plot
  10. Zvik2246

    Must Have Magic Books

    True Astonishments, Card College, Drawing Room Deceptions, EATCT, All of (or most) Darwin ortiz work is a must and The complete Walton.. Those, in my opinion are a must have
  11. Zvik2246

    the most versitile sleight you know

    Gambler's Cop, Single-Card Shift (single card straddle pass) and the almighty Second Deal
  12. Zvik2246

    THE first video that inspired you

    Stigmata and Invisible Palm by Wayne Houchin.
  13. Zvik2246

    favorite cards

    Madison Rounders and Dealers are the favorites. Also the purple Artifice.
  14. Zvik2246

    erdnase umasked review request

    if you find the history of TEATCT and S.W.Erdnase interesting then YES
  15. Zvik2246

    erdnase umasked review request

    Such a great book! if you ever wondered who really was S.W.Erdnase you should definitely buy it. Its full of amazing details about who he was and versions of his creation (TEATCT).
  16. Zvik2246

    Looking for advice on the classic pass

    Think of it this way - Practice the move and film yourself\use the mirrors from where it would appear to be your spectator point of view. Mirrors \ videos are meant to show you what the audience will see when performing the moves. Don't try to fool the camera with special angles, try to figure...
  17. Zvik2246

    Magic Books

    "The magician King" Lev Grossman
  18. Zvik2246

    how can i improve my videos?

    I believe that you'll get better in time -practice and experience- The only issue I really had with this video is the lighting. It was sometime hard to figure out what is happening. Nice handling btw..
  19. Zvik2246

    Searching for moves.

    I don't know about the shooting cards but I believe that Daniel Madison\Jeff Lianza\Jason England are the best source for the Gamblers Cop. Jason has a great download here on T11. To get a card from the center to a cop I use the Single-card straddle pass (again by Jason England) or the squeeze...
  20. Zvik2246

    Card controls

    I tend to use the Spread Pass, Bluff Pass, single card shift -as taught by Jason England here on T11- I sometimes use the Kalush's cut as a control -it can be found on D&D website.
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