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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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    Saturday Night Contest - Christmas Card Lotto!

    Red: 7 of diamonds Green: Jack of spades Red: 2 of hearts Green: 8 of clubs
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    Holiday Contest 2021 - Share What You Won!

    After having a horrible Christmas.. today I got 1 free spin followed by 500 points. That's super cool
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    Favorite card deck

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    Saturday Night Contest - Holiday Wheel!

    I scrolled down a bit to center the wheel coz it is bigger than the screen and when I went back to the top it said I had no spins left! Apparently it was in a hurry and spun without me LOL anyhoo.. no reward.
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    Saturday Night Contest - 50k!

    Oh yes. I have all the books. Calvin and Hobbes is the best ever! :)
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    Saturday Night Contest - 50k!

    Yes it is, thanks!! It will hold flowers once I decide which ones to plant there. I made it as well as the Hobbes costume in my avatar. :)
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    Saturday Night Contest - 50k!

    ugh, I have a lot of trouble with instagram but, finally.. here is my entry:
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    Saturday Night Contest - Final Four!

    Thanks for posting this Brett. If time/rules allow it.. my new guess would be keeping the same score but changing winner: UNC 79-74
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    Saturday Night Contest - Final Four!

    Syracuse 79-74
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    Saturday Night Contest - Ace of Spades

    Congrats to the winner and all who entered! Thanks for the honorable mention.. :cool:
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    Saturday Night Contest - Ace of Spades

    entry #1 Mystery Box
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    Saturday Night Contest - Luck of the Irish

    tails tails tails heads heads heads tails tails tails heads heads
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    Saturday Night Contest - Falling In Love

    I’ve got to jump into Calvin’s cardboard time machine and go way, way back to childhood (maybe 7) for this moment. I was at a Lodge sitting on a bar stool drinking --a soda!-- and feeling pretty bored when suddenly an object slid across the wooden bar and stopped right in front of me. I had no...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Super Bowl 50

    Winner: Denver Broncos Score: 27-24 Winner: Carolina Panthers Score: 31-20
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    Saturday Night Contest - Fact Check!

    1. false 2. true 3. false 4. false 5. true 6. true 7. false 8. true 9. true 10. false
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    Saturday Night Contest - Celebrating 40k!

    Will do.. Thanks so much! :) ETA: Good Luck to everyone!
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    Saturday Night Contest - Celebrating 40k!

    Ok, There are two photos but they do go together. I just now got instagram so I don't know how to combine two photos into one side by side deal.
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    Holiday Contest WHEEL WHAT U WON?

    I've been hitting either 25, 50 points or nothing but today I got 100 points so.. Merry Christmas!! Later today family members will be getting sets of Theory 11 cards in custom boxes! Congrats to all the winners so far!
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    Is there a wheel prize you DON'T want?

    Great question.. I can't travel so I'd give Meet The Magician to someone else --if it's possible to transfer a gift. And the Private Session would be best for someone serious about performing so there's another prize that I would happily pass along to another person. Those two and the "no...
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    Holiday Contest WHEEL WHAT U WON?

    2nd spin 50 points! also.. a big thank you to all the folks here. :)
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