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    Camera Work/Editing

    hey guys, its become obvious to me that especially in a situation like here at T11 where you perform for the camera, your camera work and editing can be very important to the overall outcome of the effect. so the question im asking is, how do you guys go about camera work/editing. i know when...
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    Mentalist Routine Battle

    mentalist routine live performance
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    Packet Trick Battle

    packet trick battle cannot use a whole deck, trick must be composed of less that half a deck live performance
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    Movie Maker that supports .mov?

    hey guys, im trying to put together a bunch of my videos into a montage video or whatever, and i took them on my digital camera which puts out movie clips in .mov format. i tried putting these into windows movie maker but it wont take them, and they dont seem to wanna convert, so does anyone...
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    Mentalism/Card effect

    anyone down for a mentalism card effect battle? heres the deal: must be a card trick that includes some kind of mentalism (whether its "ill read your mind for your card" or whatever u want) must be done live for an audience appropriate editing allowed music optional
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    Poker Battle

    anyone up for a poker effect battle?
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    Battle tournament to decide next theory11 artist?

    hey guys, i know its far-fetched, and the idea may very well have been thrown around already, but it just kinda hit me. what if we took the battle system, and created a tournament bracket with however many ppl, and the winner of the tournament was made theory 11's next artist. idk how do-able...
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    Totally False Beginner Flourishing Battle

    rules: any flourish must be toattlay false
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    Flourish Battle

    anyone want to be in a begginers flourish batlle?
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    Any Connecticut Magicians?

    anyone here from CT or the general new england area?
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    Media Section Question

    hey guys how long does it usually take your videos to actually appear on the media section after youve uploaded them on to the site?
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    Impromptu Card Trick Battle

    just like the title said, an impromptu card trick throwdown. must be live performance for actual audience. anyone down?
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    Throwdown Battle?

    hey anyone up for a throwdown (love bobby flay) this will be my first time trying this and im down for anything but xcm
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    Card Cheat Routines / Monte Effects

    hey guys, just wondering, what are your favorite monte effects that you would use in a card cheat routine? secondly, what are some other effects you use in your card cheat routines (ie...i use the invisible palm) any ideas would be great! -ryan
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    What should I get?

    hey guys, ive got $50 to spend, i kno i want at least a few 1-on-1s, and already own control, TnR, and Panic...what do u guys think i shood get on my budget?
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    The Cannibal Kings

    hey guys, i'm pretty sure this was brought up before, but i cant find the thread. There was a question before about routines, where someone responded with a possiblity of doing the cannibal kings/cannibal cards trick (not sure of the correct name or the artist), but can anyone tell me where i...
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    Card magic in a stage setting

    wut do you guys think are some of the best card tricks to use for a stage routine, or a situation where there are lots of people watching, surrounding or not. And what are some of the ways you adapt some of your close up tricks to make them availabe to a stage performance setting -ryan
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    hey guys, so im looking to seriously try and improve my art, but not too many lectures come out to my frozen tundra of CT, and this is the first serious gathering of magicians ive ever if anyone has any tips that wood be great. I'm not a beginner, but the one serious thing i have...
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    hey guys, im new here to the theory11 forums, and actually this is my first forum of any kind, so i thought theory11 would be the best place to start. I just got Panic by Aaron Fisher, and i'm in love with the effect, but i was wondering if anyone had any tips for using the effect, subtle...
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