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  1. ItsAllAnIllusionxx

    Blank deck question

    Is there a deck tht exsists where all the cards are blank except one pip on all the cards and if so do you no the name Thanks
  2. ItsAllAnIllusionxx

    Misdirection magic tricks

    Hey guys my favorite type of magic effect is the misdirection kind. I know almost all card tricks involve misdirections but My fav misdirection tricks I perform are Box clever by James brown and Coin to hand/shoulder/under watch Im wondering if any one knows any other tricks along those lines...
  3. ItsAllAnIllusionxx

    question about history of a force

    hey guys i have purchase them petersons the known and as well predixtion by max maven if you know these trick then your probably familiar with the force i know them peterson doesnt credit anyone in his video and cant remember if max maven did, cant check the video cuz I'm on a different...
  4. ItsAllAnIllusionxx

    History of a trick

    Hello guys I recently watched the dvd “jaw droppers” by Larry Anderson from magic makers And he does a self working card trick, on the dvd he calls it “out of my hands” and I really like it I was wondering if anyone knows of this trick because I would love to know who created it and the history...
  5. ItsAllAnIllusionxx

    Birthday Party Magic routining HELP!

    Hello guys on Saturday I have a 6 year olds birthday party that I will be doing a show for, now I have done many kids shows like this and have a routine I do but I wanted to let you guys see my tricks and see what order you would do them Just out of curiosity and maybe help me change it up alil...
  6. ItsAllAnIllusionxx

    2 hours walk around gig tips?

    Hello I may be doing a 2hours walker around show at a restaurant I have been doing magic 5 years. I am confident in my tricks. I have all my sets down my only question is I have never done more then an hours walk around This is a two hours gig. How do you go about that do you go straight...
  7. ItsAllAnIllusionxx

    Parolee mentalist show

    Hello guys I have been into magic for 5 years and I would say mentalism about 2 of those I was asked to do a mentalism show in a living room in front of about 15 people I am very confident in my mentalism. Just hav questions about how to routine this Show. The way I set it up right now is...
  8. ItsAllAnIllusionxx

    Kids party magic for!

    Hello I am doing a kids magic show for communion in about 2 weeks. The ages range from 8-15 The two girls getting their communion are 8 years old and twins What are some trick I can use that get them both involved and make them both feel special on their communion day Thanks
  9. ItsAllAnIllusionxx

    kids show ages 4-13 years old help!

    Hello on Saturday i am doing a kids show for 45mins there will be 12 kids ages 4-13 i have done kids shows in the past but all around the same age range, this show i am going to do it all mixed ages and I'm just wondering the types of tricks to do, if i do to kiddie the older kids will get...
  10. ItsAllAnIllusionxx

    Walk around kids magic help

    Hello I am looking to get more into walk around magic for kids. Like at school functions, festivals Things like that. I have done a couple and have been a hit and it was fun This thread is just if anyone can give me advice or tips on the tricks I would like to perform. Any I should take out...
  11. ItsAllAnIllusionxx

    Help With A Kids Show!

    Hello i want to get started doing kid show and expand my magic, i was looking for some tips or advice if you could spare any. The way i am thinking of doing my show would be Start off introducing myself and what I am there to do, along with setting the ground rules of staying seated and what...
  12. ItsAllAnIllusionxx

    7-10 year magic?

    hi I just have a quick question for those who have done it before I am going to be doing a show for 7-10year old. Now is the kind of magic I should be doing like magic coloring book, change bag, hippy hop rabbits..etc. good enough or are those to childish for 7-10year olds. I no it's a stupid...
  13. ItsAllAnIllusionxx

    Going to be in a commerical for a magic shop

    hello I got In contact with a company that is shooting a commercial for a struggling magic shop. They asked for a magician who was good in sleight of hand. I showed them a few videos and they loved my work I'm just curious into what tricks you guys would use if you were asked to use slight of...
  14. ItsAllAnIllusionxx

    Is this a good set for walkaround?

    i was thinking of introducing myself and ask them there names Then get into the set I want to open with ODD by Marcus Eddie Then Spongeballs Then pull out regular deck and do a card trick Thanks
  15. ItsAllAnIllusionxx

    Magic for Middle Schoolers Problem!

    i had a Gig today 11/20 and had a gig last Saturday both for middle schoolers grades 4th-8th I have no problem doing the tricks or picking the tricks Or patter. Or nerves or anything like that The only thing I have a problem With is I start to show a group of kids magic and then more and more...
  16. ItsAllAnIllusionxx

    French kiss as stage trick?

    i am goin to be performing at a restraunt on a little platform stage with maybe 10 tables around. I want to perform French Kiss but I no it will b hard for some ppl to c. I can't really find jumbo cards. I was thinking if I just used my blank deck cards and have a spectator come on stage give...
  17. ItsAllAnIllusionxx

    Talent Show Help!

    Hello guys I just wanted some advice on a talent show coming up on Oct 27th the winner get $250 I am a card, closeup, and mentalism kinda guy about 3 yrs exp I have about 20 mins to perform I was thinking since i be doing this in front of a relatively large audience (it's at a restraunt) I...
  18. ItsAllAnIllusionxx

    Any magicians on here from New York?

    I live in New York and there aren't many magicians that I know of just wondering if any of you are actually from New York, particularly Staten Island or Brooklyn
  19. ItsAllAnIllusionxx

    Is this a good set for walk around magic?

    the set would include : Card trick (ACR) French kiss by WH with Buisness cards CMH Borrowed/signed Bent Coin & Mind reading trick with business cards
  20. ItsAllAnIllusionxx

    Routining Help

    i am new to here and was looking for some help in routining some tricks I want to preform for an upcoming walkaround event I have ages range from teenagers-adults im going to list a bunch of tricks I have and hopfully someone can help routine some of them together so Card tricks: ACR Mr...
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