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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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    Mental/Mind-Reading/Psychological Magic - Where? :D
  2. K

    Homemade Impression Pad...?!

    There is? Which book?
  3. K

    Swami Gimmick

    How about a good old fashion NW? Is there a particular time you are going to use it in your act? Would PW be an option? IMHO, I really like using the NW. The TT styles and Boon styles call way to much attention to my hands.
  4. K

    The best mentalism effects and DVD's

    Banachek Larry Becker Richard Osterlind Andy Nyman Max Maven Marc Paul Lee Earle Kenton Knepper Darren Brown: Pure Effect Read the works of these people including the material of the people that Dan had mentioned. And remember when it comes to mentalism, It's not really what you...
  5. K

    Mentalism/PK Effects

    In addition To 13 Steps, I would also suggest material by Bob Cassidy. As stated above, the second important thing about mentalism is the effect. It's mostly how you present yourself. I've seen magicians present mentalism effects and they end up looking like just tricks. But a mentalist...
  6. K

    Drawing Duplication

    Don't forget Bold Business by Patrick Kuffs. Completely impromptu, easy handling, and looks pretty cool. I believe you can find it on his Mind Stunts DVD. Now if you're looking for gimmicked effects, I would suggest any John Riggs product. I think the Butterfly is an amazing tool. It is...
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    How to carry magic for restaurants...

    Well, I've been working with leather for over 20 years. From custom upholstery, belts, bags and shoes. Even buying a basic leather bag can easily be customized to whats needed for a way cheaper price. Unless it's labeled LV or Gucci or some other designer, it's not really worth it. Even those...
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    How to carry magic for restaurants...

    Haha!!! That's the exact same thing that I made. Only cost me $25 including purchasing the wallet holsters. Almost $400? Not worth it. :rolleyes:
  9. K

    Technique - Matthew Mello

    Well, I could tell you that it's nothing new. The description says it all. A lost concept revisited and simplified. Personally for myself, it works. I haven't really put focus on it during my performances but I've gotten some great reactions from "test performances". I'm currently playing...
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    How to carry magic for restaurants...

    LoL!!! Yeah, I used to carry a whole bunch of different things but after going through everything, I started narrowing things down a bit. Since I'm mainly focused on mentalism, I mostly use billets, envelopes and a pen. So, that's how I have multiple effects with me to do a few routines with...
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    How to carry magic for restaurants...

    Yeah, I tried using this really nice Gucci laptop bag my gf got me, but after sorting out all my props and other whatnot's, I realized I was able to fit 5 different effects in my actual billfold wallet a few small envelopes and billets in my left back pocket and a special ball point pen I put...
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    How to carry magic for restaurants...

    Another carrier that you could look in to That I personally use is a shoulder holster style wallet. Something like this, but different pouch style. I...
  13. K

    How did you do that?

    If I'm just doing random walk-arounds, I just say "It's not how I did it that matters. But why I did it. Think about it." Then just walk away or just continue performing. I found that it causes confusion and makes them forget to figure out how it's done, but to just enjoy the show.
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    Who will go out with someone who does magic?

    Interesting thought. Well, for my case yes. My girlfriend loves that I do magic. It comes in the complete package ;) She finds it different, interesting and fun then some of the other hobbies guys are in to. It was also the biggest ice breaker between us. And no, I didn't meet her while...
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    What was the first effect you learned?

    As for myself, I learn t 2 different effects at the same time, so I cant really remember which one came first. 1. I can't remember the name but it's when you hold two ends of a rope in each hand, contort your arms in some way and when you swing the rope out, a knot appears in the middle of the...
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    Flying with magic?

    I never really had any problems with carrying my M5. However, it was in my check in luggage. I did get asked about what it was when I brought it to Hawaii, so I just told them what it was but not what it was actually used for. But in Hawaii, US customs treats it like you're coming from/to...
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    Flourish Help

    Don't worry, your not the only one. I'm like that too. I just build with what I feel comfortable with. I do 50% of the work with my dominant right hand and do the other 50% with my left. I though it was weird at first, but I got used to it. Just like your golfing technique, when I train Mauy...
  18. K

    Michael's Hanging Coins

    I thought it was impressive. Way better then what I could ever do. Keep it up, and you'll definitely have another aspect of magic to play around with. Edit: Keep the videos coming also. You've been putting out some good stuff!!! :thumbsup:
  19. K

    Do you have another hobby?

    Well, I play guitar, piano, and drums, and I also DJ. Sing and freestyle. Train in Mauy Thai. I work on my cars a lot. Drawing and sketching around. (I use to do graffiti and such.) And that's all I could think of for now. Oh.... And long walk along the beach. :p
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    Filipino Magicians

    Another Pino here but from Canada!!! :D:D:D I focus most of my attention to mentalism for the last 14 years. Not much of a card worker.
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