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  1. RyanH

    Sentinels One Way Design?

    Do the new sentinels have a one way back design? I can't seem to find one. Any help is appreciated!
  2. RyanH

    GUM by Jeff Prace - Video Review

    The review Available at
  3. RyanH

    No Prize Contest: The Beautiful Art

    Thanks (Word Count)
  4. RyanH

    No Prize Contest: The Beautiful Art

    Just did this one!
  5. RyanH

    Theory11 Is Great!

    It always amazes me how great Theory11 is as a company! First, they offer all existing customers a free trick, thats cool! Then, I have problems with my internet and it refuses to download due to my constantly changing IP address. So I submit a support ticket What's next, they get it...
  6. RyanH

    The.Machine Review!

    Your welcome man, thanks for the PDF!
  7. RyanH

    The.Machine Review!

    Overall I was suprised with the quality and obvious effort that went into this. Here's my review! HOSTAGE Esentially this is a sandwich effect in which a spectator manages to throw a card between two others. This is a good, but not great effect, definately usable but not amazing...
  8. RyanH

    Are you an atheist?

    I'm Roman Catholic and proud of it! By the way, Christians don't believe the world is 6000 years old. We believe, like you, that it is several million years old. Genesis was written using symbolism. It is not meant to be interpreted literally. However I respect people of all religous...
  9. RyanH


    Thanks a lot I_Love_Magic!
  10. RyanH


    Thanks for all the feedback in like 10 minutes! I'll try to calm down. Oddly enough I don't do that in-front of people, just a camera. Speaking of cameras, what would be a good angle to film at? Thanks, Ryan
  11. RyanH

    One Handed False Deals

    The best resource I've seen on false dealing period is Marlo's Revolutionary Card Technique. Over 500 pages of pure awesomness. Quite a big section on false deals too. About 200 pages of which 75 are on 1 handed false deals.
  12. RyanH

    4/4=1 A little effect I created. ALL criticism is welcome! Thanks, Ryan
  13. RyanH

    Saturday Night Contest - The Magic-Con All Star Roundtable Discussion

    My Question To All: Do you prefer to perform your own material or someone else's? Thanks, Ryan H.
  14. RyanH

    Another Forum Idea...

    I love this idea. It is much better than your old suggestion.
  15. RyanH

    Forum Suggestion

    William Draven, I don't mean to come off rude but stuff like this drives me crazy. People would get in arguments all of the time over this, and what would it actually accomplish? Oh yeah, it is spelt tweak, not tweek.
  16. RyanH

    Cerca Trova?

    Yeah, I guess T11 is very busy
  17. RyanH

    Cerca Trova?

    I've noticed that there hasn't been a new monthly Cerca Trova thread. Just wondering if anybody knows. I really enjoy reading those.
  18. RyanH

    Favourite deck?

    Tally-Ho Playing Cards are definately my favorite. The classic red and blue averts suspicion yet they handle like a custom deck. I like their thinness and their finish. The circle backs and fan backs both look great too.
  19. RyanH

    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable with Jason England

    Are you more of a fan of magic, or sleights and moves? Why? If, when you first started out in magic, got to pick 3 moves that you would be able to do perfectly for the rest of your life, what would they be and why? What would you suggest to a young magician eager to learn magic?
  20. RyanH

    Practicing Tricks

    That is acually a really good question and probably a pretty pressing one for a begginer. Well I think I have an answer. HOW TO PRACTICE IN 3 EASY STEPS! 1. Practice whenever possible. Always carry around a few props and practice whenever you have time. I'm currently in High School and I just...
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