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    Chad Nelson Lecture CD

    Look what I found on eBay while browsing.. This isn't mine, but I thought that it might be worth something to someone.
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    Michigan + 2 months + Jam?

    Hey guys, I will be leaving May 30 - July 31 to Michigan for a summer vacation.. I will be in Sterling Heights, Which is close to Detroit.. I know that there are two magic shops for sure.. ABC, which I have been to a few times in the past, and is really awesome, which is like 20-30...
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    Here is alittle demo of table work. try to spot my mischevious actions.
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    The Capitulating Aces

    My friend Josh fried me with this earlier today in person, I mean really fried me... Then I texted him like late at night asking where he learned it, and luckily I was able to get a hold of it. Now I bring this magical effect to you. Credits to James Swain...
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    Look what I found Pure amazement,\.
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    New Dan and Dave Sportacus Video!
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    Poor Man's Concept

    Here's an original concept idea of mine, it can be applied ot many things.. Please give me some feedback. THANKS!
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    Created concept battle.

    Any takers for a battle on a created concept?
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    Strolling Gig

    Posting from my cell phone, I am on my way to the magic banquet. Wish me luck =). All-card performances from me. Zach
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    Here's a little thing I learned from a buddy of mine in Michigan. Thank Danny Garcia for filming me. haha.
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    Switch3 V.O.D.

    This is an AWESOME transpo by a friend of mine named Aron Prins. I first saw this in his notes SLeightly Cheatable. Effect: Card is selected and left outjogged face up in the center of the pack. Top card is turned face up on the deck. With a wave of the hands, the two cards transpose...
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    Routining and Trick Selection

    Hey guys, I'll be doing strolling at an upcoming magicians banquet. I plan to do a lot of commercial card tricks. Mainly simple effects and packet stuff. What do you guys suggest on card stuff on the topic of routining and a trick selection? I also have a bit of trouble interacting with my...
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    If anybody is in the Houston Texanish area, will you be attending (or performing) at the annual HAOM Magicians Banquet on February 15th? I'll be doing strolling there. It'll be lots of fun. Socializing,catered food, Stage Show, Jamming.
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    Packet Trick

    Sorry I haven't been sending challenges, as I've been really busy.. But.. I'll definitely be filming this weekend. Anyone interested in a Packet Trick battle?
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    Woo hoo! I just got Steve 40's Gambling Protection Series in the mail. Anybody else pre-order it?
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    Chad Nelson Lecture CD

    Anybody know how much these are worth now>? Or where I can find one.
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    Created card trick

    Anyone wanna battle me on a created effect? It can be an entire routine, o rjust one trick.
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    Pip Switch?

    Anybody wanna battle me on a pip switch? I can have my video filmed and edited within an hour.. as I work fast =D
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