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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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    What do you think about it???

    Personally, I think there’s too much movement and your hands seem to simulate the action of drawing a card out of the deck. It looks similar to the mechanics of the classic Erdenase change, which I also find obvious and lacking magicallity. Maybe give a purpose to the movement and it will seem...
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    Most famous person you have performed for

    I performed for Rob McElhenney and Kaitlin Olson from it’s always sunny in Philadelphia once. But it was really quick in passing so I can’t really count it haha
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    Ionesco inspired absurdist show

    Christopher, Thanks for your input and advice. You're not a fear monger, copyright is definitely something I should be considering. I think that part unfortunately slipped my mind because I got extremely excited about the idea haha Francis is one of my favorite magicians and has been a great...
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    Ionesco inspired absurdist show

    Hello all, I've taken a little hiatus from magic but, after reading La Cantatrice Chauve by Ionesco, I have been re-inspired and have an idea for a one man show that I'm really excited about. For those of you who don't know the play, it is an absurdist comic tragedy that attempts to strip away...
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    College party

    I would just go enjoy the party. If something comes up organically, great. If not, why stress about it? Have fun
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    David Blaine Cards to spectators pocket!?

    It is an updated presentation of Paul Harris's Las Vegas Leaper. You can find it in Art of Astonishment Book 1. However, to perform it the way Blaine does is going to take a little bit of creativity. The original text should get you started though
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    Hi... from a confused layman...

    Sounds like Voldemort. He's classic that way.
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    New trick! "Recycle"

    My advice would be to focus on performing first and then creating. If you go out and perform you start to develop an appreciation for the working magician, what works and what doesn't, and you also become more creative. As you put together sets and study more magic you'll start to get ideas of...
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    Card people

    Agreed lol
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    Beautiful Magic

    With the evolving image of the magic industry, it is easy to lose sight of some of the true classics of magic. While few classics actually fool modern day magicians, nothing inspires me more. I thought it would be fun if we shared links to some of our favorite classics in order to shine some...
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    I Need Comments/Criticism For My Busking Set

    As a busker, I think it's awesome that you're taking the leap and bringing your craft to the streets. So, job well done there. As far as the routine is concerned, it appears as though you put good effort and thought into it. There are no problems with your vision on how the set should go...
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    how do you use card shuffles without damaging cards

    I guess if you like the feel of a brand new deck and it works for you, go for it. For me, a brand new deck does not handle nearly as well as a week old deck that I've had a chance to break in. I would never perform a show with any deck right out of the box (unless the trick required a brand new...
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    how do you use card shuffles without damaging cards

    A new deck everyday? That's absurd. An experienced magician is able to get more and more out of a broken-in deck.
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    What type of decks do you like?

    Oooo, I got this one! You're talking about JAQK Red Edition, right? Or is it Jerry's Nuggets???
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    Is it REALLY $395?

    Listen to Huron's TED talk before you make a decision: The whole custom card market has gone off the rails in the past few years with cards getting more and more expensive. While it is your money and you can do whatever you'd like with it, I recommend thinking about what the purchase of those...
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    Have you guys seen Chris Ramsay's new series of videos?

    He should make one where you're busking, and then the cops chase you off the street, tackle you, and keep you in a holding cell for a couple days until you scrounge up enough tip money to make bail. I hate when that happens.
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    What is the most direct way to force the number 5?

    Just spit balling here, but what if you did a sort of mental riffle force with the normal die? Something where you hold it by opposite corners, spin it, and then ask them to see one number. You could play around with that.
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    Stuck and need a way out, please.

    I totally get where you're coming from. My card magic was in a rut a couple months ago. What helped me out of it was to start and taking more "risks" in order to improve myself as a performer and practitioner. For example, I have recently gotten into the classic force as well as some...
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    Franco Pascali Acaan

    Sorry about that, I didn't watch the video all the way through the first time. With that said, the same method applies. This trick is a clever application of what Juan Tamariz is most famous for. If you know that then you should be able to reconstruct it. I hope this helps, I don't want to...
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    Franco Pascali Acaan

    Juan Tamariz should be enough, assuming you're talking about the effect at 8:50
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