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    Flourishing Battle

    Anything goes. Who's down?
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    Q1 Quality?

    Ok, I first have several questions. 1. What does "Q1 quality" mean? I'v heard of Q1, Q2, and Q3. Whats the difference and how can you tell if your decks are Q1? 2. J. Bayme from T11 wrote: "The individual at USPCC I spoke to had no idea what Q1, Q2 even meant - they are not printed that...
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    Chad Nelson trick?

    In Chads SURFACED dvd he's preforming some trick toward the end of the live preformances were he took the 3 of spades and threw it up in the air and it appeared in the guys shirt (run on sentence). I was wondering if this trick is out yet or is chad still holding on to this?
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    Blackpool 09!
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    Anyone who's been to NYC...

    Can anyone tell me any good magic shops in NYC? This is my first time going, (sometime next month! :D) and sadly where I live (Illinois) their are no magic shops in the entire state! So if anyone could tell me any good ones it would help a lot, thanks in advance!
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    I need some help guys (or girls).

    Ok, I have a friend who's just recently wanted to get into magic after I'v showed him some effects. He told me that he just has a lot of free time on his hands so he wants to do magic because of that. I feel kinda iffy to actually help him because I feel that he's just doing this to learn...
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    Criss Angel is probably pissed off right about now...

    this season of "magic's greatest secrets revealed" are revealing ALL of the tricks that really made criss famous (walk on water, building to building float, and a lot of others). So what do you think about it? If you were criss would you be mad?
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    Myths & Legends

    with all the fuzz about big foot lately reminded me that 3 days before I heard(which was yesterday). I got a book about the 100 greatest mystery's and one of the stories really freaked me out and has to do with hitler's death check it out: The Spear of Destiny, also known as the Spear of...
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    Fraud Battle?

    anyone wanna battle? no other tricks but fraud?
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    Change Contest Over!

    good luck to anyone who's a finalist check it out:
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    Vote Now check it out...
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    Anyone want to battle? My first time...

    anyone? card, sponge, or money magic anything goes no xcm though...
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    Trilogy Bonus DVD?

    Whats going to be on it? im wondering..? and when is it coming out?
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    Payment Question

    dose t11 except paypal because i cant find were it says it dose or dosent?
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