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    Need some ideas

    So I’m a intermediate magician and have an uncle that is a major heckler. He does not listen to instructions and will touch everything. Even if you put the card fair in the middle he will want to see it to make sure it is his card and not switched. So what I’m asking is are there any books that...
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    Impossible by Noah Barrera - your thoughts

    Here is a trick I created and penguin magic excepted it. I feel like it is already out there somewhere. Is it? And should I take it down? Please check it out if interested. Link:
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    I’m making my Christmas list! Help

    So I have some books that are old magic books like royal road. I’m not dissing them it’s just I would like to find books that have visual trick and walk around stuff. I do a lot of mental card magic so what I’m looking for is a book that has impromptu trick that are amazing. No mental card...
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    Magic is my passion

    I'm 16 and magic is my passion. I have tried and failed but finally after a lot of think I came up with my first trick. When I first started card magic I always loved creating. Now my dream is true I have made an original trick. Its a spelling plot, its is very clean, no gimmicks and its not...
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    Best $10 trick

    so I have elite points and I can transfer them into $10. What effect in theory11 would you suggest for this price. Thank you.
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    Hey everyone I was wondering if anyone has ripping by JEREMY GRIFFITH and could give some tips I really want to learn it. I have been doing it over and over but nothing is happening. Do I just keep working at it and it will happen sometime.
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    Today was a good day!

    I just turned 16 and I had my birthday family get together last weekend. I got Mnemonica for my birthday. Today I decided I was going to memorize the full stack. I sat down for 5 hours and I did it. I now know the full stack. Just wanted to share.
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    Learning How To Use IT

    What are good books or videos to learn how to use and do tricks for IT (invisible thread)?
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    I’m BAD

    So I’m 15 and have been doing magic for 1 year. Some for Christmas I got a trick where you had to do a switch with Rubik’s cube. I decided to show it to my mom but she didn’t see the switch but heard it and called me out on it. Then the other day I was doing a trick with a spread cull of a card...
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    Stand up or sit down?

    Do you prefer to stand up or sit down when practicing/preforming?
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    What are your favorite tricks from expert card technique.
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    How come my trick is still pending review after72 hours
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    Tarantula 2.0

    what do you think of tarantula 2.0
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    Christmas magic

    if you had to choose between perfect square or tarantula 2.0 what one would you pick
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