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    It looks like the shapeshifter change is used in Hoffzy Osbourne. Is it taught in the download? Or is it a completely different change?
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    Hofzzy Osbourne and Click Change too difficult?

    I've been doing magic for a month now and can do most of the stuff (still working on the Braue Reversal) from Crash Course 1. Are Hoffzy Osbourne and the Click change too difficult for me? Do you have to be an advanced card manipulator to do them? Or do they just require practice and anyone...
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    What is Sponge?

    In another thread someone mentioned the release of something called Sponge. What is it?
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    Control Pulse Stop

    I was wondering if there was any word on when Mr. Houchin is going to release Control. Heard anything?
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    Trilogy vs. Ninja

    I don't want this to turn into an Ellusionist vs. Theory 11 thread ok guys? Keep it nice. My question is which do you guys prefer: Trilogy or Ninja 1 and 2? Does the Trilogy teach the pass in any form? For someone beginner-intermediate which do you recommend? How does the quality of teaching...
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