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    Portal Addition

    Absolutely did not make sense for me. What was the whole shebang about the deck for? I understand time misdirection, but it wasn't clear enough (or rather it wasn't fair enough) that they really were the kings. I think that the original portal move in the beginning was really the most surprising...
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    Hey T11, This is the first time I've been on T11 in... let's say, a couple of months? I've recently been working (non-magic related), in the beginning to gain more money for magic things.. books and such. But because of this, I was lead away from magic for a short while. Looking around my...
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    No threads, magnets, or wires of any sort.

    Hey guys, I noted "No magnets, no threads" and such so that people would watch the video... generally, people on t11 see a youtube link and just pass it off. I completely agree with you about the using no thread. The method is only known to the performer, so it doesn't matter how you...
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    Amazing Kreskin on Jimmy Fallon

    Just saw Kreskin in Toronto.... awesome show. Was called up on stage for hypnosis, but unfortunately it didn't work on me. It was hilarious to see the other people and their reactions, when their little birds on their hands flew away from them and they chased them around the stage. Overall, a...
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    No threads, magnets, or wires of any sort.

    Check out my new video (youtube BUTCHERS quality... sorry!) Enjoy and subscribe for more.
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    The Disappointment of Being A Magician...

    Think about it this way. I had never seen a magician before I started a couple years ago- NEVER. I didn't know what magic was or what it looked like. I wish I could go back and see.
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    "Just Cut to the Chase!"

    Hey, here's my advice- and it's completely credible, since 1- I am in high school (Grade 11), and have a good reputation for performing. Here's my story. When I first started, I did extremely simple things- the two card monte for instance, or just a simple force and a mind read- performing...
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    original effect. new concept towards the sandwich effect. i think.

    I agree with you...I went a little too far though to be honest. I'd be happy to look over your methods and give you some advice if you'd like.
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    Gambling Sleights

    Although I'm practicing the bottom deal and other moves, I think it's more fun to convince them you've perfected a second deal. Perform a double lift, and fake a second deal, but do it convincingly. :)
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    "This is the FIVE ahead principle."

    SO. The past month has been an incredible month for moi. To begin, I had a great time at the local magic shop's huge, huge sale (in Toronto if anybody is wondering where.) I picked up things like, an entire bag of thumbtips of all sizes and qualities, for a dollar. I also got the entire...
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    original effect. new concept towards the sandwich effect. i think.

    Yes, it was cocky- for a reason. To say to you, big freakin' deal, "you may or may not release it"- if I could think of a method in a matter of minute,s why are you showcasing this like it's something COMPLETELY new and incredible.
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    Noki Change

    Oh god. I agree with some of the other guys, I don't think E would attempt to market something that is so close to something else. Plus, I don't know, something about the change isn't sitting right with me. The initial change is cool, but then your hand is just left sitting there, killing...
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    original effect. new concept towards the sandwich effect. i think.

    You've dug yourself in a hole and are trying to get out, I understand. But seriously , don't claim something completely original and on top of that say you may or may not give out he method . you sound likethe cockiest person on the planet. I'm fully sure you know you came off an an a**hole but...
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    The Magician and the Cardsharp

    Hey, finished the book in two days. The beginning chapters about Kennedy were very boring, but a very cool read in general. Great book for any working card technician... if you're a coin guy, don't bother!
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    original effect. new concept towards the sandwich effect. i think.

    The quote by steerpike in my signature basically sums up my thoughts about your post. I'm guessing it's an idea which you've come up with maybe last week and are convinced it's something absolutely astounding. I have a method for every phase, and were thought of within 3 minutes, and tried...
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    The Magician and the Cardsharp

    Hey T11, Reuben here. I'm on a library computer right now...because I'm at a library. I picked up a great book called "The Magician and the Cardsharp" By Karl Johnson. I've heard ofit before but never picked it up until now. The book is from what I've been told based on a true story, but...
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    Heat (My Take)

    Thought it was a cool routine, but a couple of things. Don't point out it's a red deck or laymen will be watching the colour of the deck; if you're using a red deck, they can see it's red. Another thing.. the colour change to turn the dec blue was too much sloppy hand cover. Just do a...
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    If you've ever invented a trick...

    Here are two of my effects I'm most proud of. Striction: At any fastfood restaurant, a spectator is invited to take a straw from among the many there. The magi explains that hypnotising a person may be learnt easily by some, but hypnotising an inanimate object is extremely hard. He invites...
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    Criss Angel as Doug Henning... Wait, What?

    Does anybody agree, the stare at the end reminded you of John Cornelius?
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    I TOTALLY agree. Wouldn't you just like to ACTUALLY see some people who smack talk, perform infront of you?
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