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    Impromptu Simple Miracles / Puzzles

    I recently got the Daniel Garcia Project, and on volume 3 there is a trick known as Joe Blow. It is insanely awesome. You gather static, shoot it at a piece of paper and it falls over. To prove your not blowing or doing anything fancy to it, you stick a bottle of water or anything in front of...
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    Coin Matrix

    Would anyone be interested in having a coin matrix battle?
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    Neuro-Linguistic Programming - NLP

    Are there any good sources for learning NLP that you guys can recommend?
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    Dana Hocking Music

    I was wondering whether or not Dana's awesome music was royalty free. I don't want to sound like an idiot but I was reading the description for the CD and it says that we should feel free to use it in our magic videos. Its really great music and this year for my school's video production we are...
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    Reccomended Sleights/Tricks from the classics

    I just recently purchased Sleight of Hand By Edwin Sachs, and Expert Card Technique by Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue and I was wondering what tricks inside of these books stood out as being amazing or stunning. Or just sleights you reccomend learning to help my magic.
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    Digital Dissolve

    How much do replacement coins cost if you already have the DVD?
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    I have a problem with my 1-on-1

    Last night I ordered flicker by Doug Mckenzie and I started downloading it. My computer died and the download got interrupted. I thought, Oh well, I'll do this in the morning. I tried this morning and it says WARNING 150: Restricted IP Address Access. Your IP address,, can not...
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