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    Magic Geek. Good Place to shop?

    Hello. I was wondering if Magic Geek ( ) is a good place to shop. I am think of getting True Astonishment because Ellusionist is sold out. Thanks for your help.
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    Can theory11 make a Revolution Cut 1-on-1?

    I have been trying to get the revolution cut down for the past months and i can't get it. Can there be a one on one. or can you post link. I just want the cut. On the trilogy, its not the best explanation. Thanks for reading.
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    One Magic Trick

    I am new to the battles so...well i am looking for someone that will show a magic trick of their choice to a live audience. No cuts, edits of the trick, no stooges and you have a week to get it done. anyone? send me a battle thingy. thanks
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    Type of thumb

    What kinda thumb (s) do you guys have? A hitchhikers thumb....its bends or a normal bend NOTE this is a hitchhikers thumb.
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    3 Best/Favorite Tricks or Flourishes

    What are your 3 best or your favorite tricks of flourishes that you like to preform? Mine are.... 1 Anything Deck by Paul Harris 2 Hovercard by Dan Harlan 3 Dead Cell by W:H and Daniel Garica.
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    Teaching on Xtreme Beginners

    How good is the teaching in Xtreme Beginners? Thanks
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    This it? by HB

    This It? by HB I made up THE best trick for finding the spectator card with no trick deck. No forces.You can cut and shuffle to your heart's desire and still find it. You can even let the spectator cut the cards as much as they want to. Its a impromptu effect. It is like a stripper deck but...
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    Black ghost

    buy here
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    TNT or TNR?

    What do you like better? Torn and Restored or Torn and transformed?
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    When i click buy i will not go in my cart.
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    Nature Cards

    Theory11 you should make cards that have nature designs on them. A leaf can be the a spade. On the backs instead of angels there can be trees. You could make them look really nice. Just a thought.
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    Digital Dissolve - Sold Out?

    WOW i did not expect that.
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    More magic from theory11?

    Is this all that theory11 is going to sell or will there be more in the near future?
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    Snap Change D.D.

    where is the snap change on the digital dissolve dvd? i really want to learn it. Thanks -HB
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    Black Ghost

    who wants it?
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    Best trick from theory11?

    Read title.
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