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    Black Ghost 1 and 2

    i want to hear you thoughts about the black ghost decks. for example how the 2nd will effect the price of the 1st and some differences between the two! thanks
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    What is your favorite deck? what is your favorite trick? what is your favorite dvd? what is your favorite book? what is your favorite T11 product? what is your favorite E product? and any thing eals you like and want to reccomend.
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    New card designs/ideas

    I dont know about you but I am kinda sick of the regular colored cards and simular back designs. So I was thinking about new creative designs and I came up with the idea of plad or checkered or other ideas simular to that. Dose anyone know of any thing like this? Do you like the ideas? What are...
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    UltraGaff Thoughts

    I am planning on purchasing the Ultra Gaff when the black ghost comes out so I can get both at once. Has anyone received their Ultra Gaff yet and if so what do you think of them and if you did the promo did you win? What are your favorite/most useful cards in the deck? Or if you have not...
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    Split Spades worth it?

    The new split spades look great and I have ordered some but I was just wondering if they will be worth some money on eBay because T11 is releasing them early and they have a limited supply. Thanks!
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    Magic in St. Louis

    I currently live in St Louis and I am looking for a good magic shop. I was wondering if any one by any chance knows of a good magic or card shop in St Louis. Thanks!
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    Black Ghost Deck 2nd Edition Thoughts

    As many of you may know the 2nd edition black ghost deck will be released the 22 of April. I just wanted to hear some of your thoughts about this up coming release. Also I want to hear your thoughts about the rare 1st edition black ghost deck and how the new 2nd edition will affect it.
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