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    How do I know if my move is original?

    I managed to discover a few moves that I think no one has done before... But I don't really know! How do I know without having to expose it to the world?
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    Does Carnahan fan require a new deck?

    Just trying to make sure that it's me and not the deck that's the problem. I have a 3 month old blue crown at the moment and I can't seem to spread the cards as easily as I would with a smear fan when performing a carnahan fan. I've just started learning it today.
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    How to avoid dropping packets when doing cuts?

    Hi, I'm looking for general tips and affirmation on doinh cuts. Generally, I thought I'd keep the packets as few cards as possible. Holding tightly doesn't seem to help. Also, I live in a cold country where my hands are usually dry... Is that a factor?
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    Riffle Fan - Need help with pressure

    I know that most tutorials will say that it's something I have to figure out for myself. But is the pressure needed to do the riffle fan just under? Or is there pressure from above also? Also, does the speed of the spread have anything to do with the stability so the cards won't fall while...
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    Aren't all playing cards the same?

    Assuming they were built on the same materials but differs on design. I just want to get some insights on what makes a playing card different from all the others?
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    Cork screwing sort of flourish

    I saw this guy on instagram do a Faro, with thr cards on the table and then does some sort of fanning so both ends rotate (like a corkscrew, circular motion). I asked for the name of the trick but he daid he didn't know. Any ideas what it's called and how to do the fanning after the faro?
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    Cuts that showcase the display

    Hi guys I'm a beginner, and I've been searching for techniques to showcase the face of the cards, mostly for instagram purpose. So far I've tried to learn the 5 faces of Sybil, and will attempt spindash by Jaspas next. Any other suggestions? Would be good if you also post a link to the...
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