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    Show me a trick -_- This is what I do when someone tells me to show them a trick and I am willing to. Just wanted to share it with you guys.
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    Drifting Into Outer Space :: Card Flourishes I want to apologize in advance for the lengthy intro. It would be awesome if you guys let me know what you think. Thanks :)
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    Next Decknique

    Does anyone else miss the good old days of decknique? Lets face it, flourishing isn't what it used to be. I say we need a new decknique type of forum to rejuvenate flourishing.
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    Dry Hands

    I've searched around and couldn't find anything on this. I recently moved to a very dry area and my hands are very dry now so it's very hard for me to do anything that requires my hands to be "grippy" such as card productions and the invisible deck. What are some hand creams/lotions that will...
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    Stage Tricks

    I have to do a talent show at school for magic and I only do close up magic. I need some stage magic tricks that pack small and play big. The only stage stuff I have is an appearing cane and some mouth coils.
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    Approaching Restaurants

    Could anyone tell me how to approach a restaurant that I want to work at (doing magic)? I have a book on that sort of thing but i feel it might be a little outdated. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    One handed link

    I have been practicing the ninja rings routine for almost a month now and I've got all of it down except for the one handed link. It just doesn't link on. I would really like to use this as a closer but right now it seems too repetitive without the one handed link. Any tips on placement or the...
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    Professor's Nightmare

    For Professor's Nightmare, how long would the medium and small ropes have to be if the long rope was two feet in length? Or is there an equation I could to to figure that out for any length?
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    Can you iron silks?

    Can you iron the silks you would use for TTs?
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    Loop effects

    I just recently started using loops again and I was wondering what your favorite non card tricks are that use a loop.
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