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    Idea for Playing Cards

    Seeing the success of the James Bond card launch and now The Mandalorian playing cards, I was wondering if Theory11 is going to release a Gold/Yellow and Black Cobra Kai deck? It is the #1 show on Netflix. If this is not the proper place for this post feel free to delete.
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    Does Theory11 have any Marked Decks?

    My awesome wife got me gift cards to Theory11 for our 15th Wedding anniversary. I am building my cart and was wondering if Theory11 has any marked decks. Thank you.
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    Overhand vs. Hindu shuffle

    I am a complete novice in magic and I am working my way through The Royal Road to Card Magic. I only been practicing for a bit over 6 months but I find the I can do the Hindu shuffle cleaner and faster verses the Overhand Shuffle. Since I am this board I decided to ask you professionals. Thank...
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