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  1. mattklein

    Stars of magic question

    I was wondering if the coin magic inside of the book is good to start with, or if it needs a previous knowledge of sleights? I'm a card magician and want to try to start other types as well. Any help is appreciated.
  2. mattklein

    Massa and Dr. Leon review?

    hey guys. im looking around for cards to buy and thought that Dr. Leon by Hiro Sakai look pretty nice but didnt know how they felt. the same with Massa. if anyone ould tell me anything about how these cards handle or if there is already a review it would be appreciated. thanks.
  3. mattklein

    Movie "Magic" and Our Magic

    heya everybody. whenever i watch a movie or tv show that uses special effects i find myself amazed that someone has the creativity and intelligence to create something that looks so convincing. even though everyone knows its tv and that it isnt real. people still applaud and give awards for...
  4. mattklein

    bikes vs. tallys

    so me n my friend have very opposing ideas about these cards. i love tally ho and he loves bikes. my thoughts are that bikes wear down easily and that even after four months my fanbacks fan as good as his new bikes and that bicycles keep crimos in them forever if you get a bad one. i was...
  5. mattklein

    pre shuffled cards

    my friend bought some split spades from dan and dave recently and when he got them they were shrink wrapped but pre shuffled. i didnt think it was a bad thing but id never gotten anything like that before? is it normal for split spades? did david blaine shuffle them himself?!?!
  6. mattklein

    Aladdin Opinions

    im just wondering. i see blue seals on the ones i found. considering buying. any thoughts please
  7. mattklein

    double backed tricks

    i have been wondering if there was anywhere i could learn a trick with the double backed card i got with my sentinels and deck ones. i could never really think of a way to use them but im sure there are tricks. if any one could point me in the right direction id appreciate it. tanks.
  8. mattklein

    whos got a deck in their hands as we speak?!

    just want to see how many ppl are addited. im holding my brand new tallys! who else?!
  9. mattklein

    What make of cards are these?!

    the cards chris mayhew uses in the hole thing ive never seen before. curiosity has been gnawing at me for ages. and i just started on the forum. ifigure who better to ask than everybody? any ideas?
  10. mattklein

    first gig. tips please?

    i have my firrst gigs performing in restaurants a couple nights a week coming soon. i wondered if anybody had any tips i could use. anything from makin a routine if needed and what tricks i should most definitely have in my repetoire.
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