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    Coin Matrix

    I'm not sure of the name, but basically the one David Blaine did on television (coincidence), followed by a reverse matrix from Shoot Ogawa.
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    Impromptu Simple Miracles / Puzzles

    Wheres the toothpick trick available? That looks great and just what I was looking for.
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    Saturday Night Contest - The Dan and Dave Video Challenge

    CRAP! Mines uploading to Youtube as I type.... COME ON! Is it okay if its two minutes late? EDIT: Oh..... It says Seven Thirty.... I feel dumb
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    Saturday Night Contest - The Dan and Dave Video Challenge

    Wow... Gonna go practice my Buck stuff....
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    Coin Matrix

    .... Anyone?
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    Hey Everyone

    Hope you enjoy the community. Welcome.
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    Impromptu Simple Miracles / Puzzles

    I recently got the Daniel Garcia Project, and on volume 3 there is a trick known as Joe Blow. It is insanely awesome. You gather static, shoot it at a piece of paper and it falls over. To prove your not blowing or doing anything fancy to it, you stick a bottle of water or anything in front of...
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    Favorite Effect from Art of Astonishment - ONLY ONE!

    He means photocopy, you take the book, open up to the page, place it on the machine, and print a few copies so he can take notes on those... That's what I got from his messages, but I honestly don't know.
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    Ellusionist's 2009 Holiday Giveaway

    :eek: Uuummmm.....
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    Dana Hocking

    Quoted for truth...
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    Teen Magicians - People Not Taking Us Seriously

    Doesn't happen to me either... I just do a basic ACR to start off and warm them up and they respond well for some reason. Then knock their socks off.
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    Help - Another Magician at School

    ..... I'm gonna consider that if I ever come across this problem....
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    Andrei Jikh - Genesis : Next Volume?

    In my opinion it would have made more sense to just release all of the volumes at the same time...
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    Harada Hold

    I highly recommend not buying this. In my personal opinion it is highly impractical and a waste of money...
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    Spider Thread Spools

    Yes you can but I don't recommend doing it. The spider thread is the highest quality thread I have ever seen. Regular thread just sucks compared to it in my opinion. But if you still want to do it my advice to you would be too keep the un-stripped thread your loading into the spool un-stripped...
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    Coin Matrix

    Would anyone be interested in having a coin matrix battle?
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    Neuro-Linguistic Programming - NLP

    Where can I pick that book up? It's sold out at
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    Where can I buy the White Ghost deck cheap?

    I know that eZnigma already answered but I think this is so cool...
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    Neuro-Linguistic Programming - NLP

    Are there any good sources for learning NLP that you guys can recommend?
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    Biddle Trick - Battle.

    Why not live?
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