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  1. Sleight_of_Hand

    Are Dlites worth it?

    Are Dlites worth it? I got a stage perf. and i need some stuff.
  2. Sleight_of_Hand

    Vent on International Shipping Prices?

    I know this might have been brought up a few times, but WTF is with the BS SHIPPING PRICES OFFERED BY T11? $40 for a brick of cards? are u ****ing serious? I know for a fact that USPS Priority Shipping is actually - 11.95$ NOT $40 why the hell do you need an extra 28$ from each of us...
  3. Sleight_of_Hand

    Classic Clip : Help!

    Hey guys I just got a classic clip from DnD, here is my issue. Is the deck supposed to jut out a bit past the area for the bend? It seems to be sticking out about 3 millimeters. Thanks in advance.
  4. Sleight_of_Hand

    Magic Essay - In Search of Street Magic

    Hey Guys, Searching through the net I found this really good essay on street magic. It is by the owner (I think) of a Magic Magazine called ANTIMONY. His name is JAMY IAN SWISS Here it is - In Search of Street Magic Because something is happening here But you don't know...
  5. Sleight_of_Hand

    Ben Earl - Past Midnight Vol. 2

    hey Guys, I was wondering what type of bottom deal Ben Earl uses in his "Past Midnight" volume 2. Dvd. He doesn't explain it, so can someone watch it and tell me? Thanks.
  6. Sleight_of_Hand

    Thicker Than Water - Smooth OP.

    Hey Guys.... Go to page 53 of Smooth Op. and read it... ARE YOU SERIOUS? AS IF YOU WOULD DO THIS TO FIND A CARD? This Sleight is a joke right? Please tell me its a joke... Please?
  7. Sleight_of_Hand

    Werm Help

    Hey guys, I decided to stop my magic for a few months to clear my ead and get into some flourishing...but sad to say...IM SO BAD AT IT I CRY MYSELF TO SLEEP AT NIGHT! :( ... No but seriously.... I am bad. So if you hate n00bs and you eat them for breakfast, please close this screen before you...
  8. Sleight_of_Hand

    To All T11 Artists : Lecture In Australia?

    Hey are any of the T11 artists coming to Australia for a lecture any time soon? Thanks in Advance SOH
  9. Sleight_of_Hand

    S.W Erdnase - Diagonal Palm Shift

    Hey guys I decided to start my reading on magic sleights with Erdnase. So I was practising the Diagonal Palm Shift (DPS) and i got the move down. I got it on camera and it is well hidden, however when i do it to people live, it is flashing from the back ( if you know the move you will know what...
  10. Sleight_of_Hand

    HELP - Need to buy decks

    Hey guys, Im from Australia and I need Regular Bikes. My cousin from the USA said he will buy me some, but asked where you can get them. I heard taht walmart sells for 3$ for 2 decks and costco sells for 13$ for a dozen. Is this true? Also, do you need to be a costco member to buy from their...
  11. Sleight_of_Hand

    HELP : Need a Deck Switch

    Hey guys... I made this awesome ender to a ACR, but it involves a deck switch. I don't know how to switch a deck in the context of a Ambitious Card Routine. There is no reasone to put a deck in my pocket... Any tips or methods on how I can swap out a deck, without being to suss about it...
  12. Sleight_of_Hand

    Prophet or Profit?

    Well I was wondering why the new Bill Change is called Prophet???? Wouldn't it have made more sence to call it Profit? P.s Dont go phyco because I made this thread....... I just really want to know..
  13. Sleight_of_Hand

    How to hide a deck of cards...

    OK here we go.... Get a sort of think book which is about as thick as 4 decks of cards on top of each other. this book should most likely be one with a hard cover. This book must be a useless book. A3 book. Now take a pencil and a deck of cards and turn to about 50-60 pages from the start...
  14. Sleight_of_Hand

    Can't flourish...

    Hey guys, I suck at flourishing..... I got XB I got Trilogy and I still can't do anything... I'm just not getting the hand of it... what do i do..... It took me 4 months to learn the sibyl cut by Tudor.... The funny thing is that i am a good SOH artist... but want to expand my...
  15. Sleight_of_Hand

    Is Torn Impromptu?

    Hey, I've read like 100 threads on Torn and TnR and everywhere i read it says Torn is impromptu. But I have Torn, or atleast the one I think you are talking about, Daniel Garcia right? Danny's Torn is not impromptu, well it nearly is but its not... So my question is, why is everyone calling Torn...
  16. Sleight_of_Hand

    808cards - Australia

    Does anyone know what post company delivers the package from 808cards? Auspost? Fedex?
  17. Sleight_of_Hand


    Is a signature really required for card tricks as I am very poor :( and live in Australia where decks cost 10$ each unless i buy online .....
  18. Sleight_of_Hand

    Are we all guilty?

    Warning:This thread is bound to end up with a lot of arguements and denial from people. We all live in the 21st Century, where we can all do things which our forefathers thought would be a dream. Cars, Planes, Electicity and the COMPUTER/ Internet.What I am getting to is that even the...
  19. Sleight_of_Hand

    Magic University

    DO U WANT A PHD IN MAGIC ??? WELL LOOK AT THIS ARTICLE : A TOP Indian magician is set to open a version of Harry Potter's fictional Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, hoping that a master's degree in magic will help keep the ancient art form alive. PC Sorcar Jr, famous for...
  20. Sleight_of_Hand

    What happened to mentalism???

    Where is mentalism in T11? Any Ideas?
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