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    I want money from card magic?

    i want to apply for a job (magician) at any 4/5 stars hotels on what conditions they accept me
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    Can I do card tricks in talents show?

    i will do this by calling any random audience to come on stage to perform card tricks to them. will this be exposed by cameras every where ? or just perform card flourishes ?
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    card effects that looks like real magic ?

    what are the card effects that looks like real magic ?
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    turnover placment ?

    where can i learn these move ? is it practical ?
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    how many trick do u perform?

    i know that every one knows over 100 effect but he performs only 10 or 5 from those effects , most of the time i perform 1- clipshift CHAD nelson 2- sandwich for mere mortal tony chaNGE 3-biddle trick 4-card across / subway dan and dave 5- ciritrion chad nelson
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    iam so shy to perform street magic help me

    i do magic only for friends , family when i decide to go to street to perform magic i feel shy to walk around to any person and tell him to see magic trick thanks :)
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    best opener effects to do ?

    i want to know what are the best opener effects to do to make spectator more attract to see more thanks :D
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    what flourishes should i do ?

    what flourishes should i do in 2.5 min in a show in arab's got talent ? please help me i wanna go and win
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    what tricks can i do when people are burning my hands ?

    some people want to know the secret of tricks so they burn my hand what tricks should i do ?
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    crabshack or maddona 3 ?

    crab shack is the best or maddona 3 ? mine maddona 3 i can do both btw
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    dan and dave twothousandten lecture dvd complete review

    Before i start i should say that these dvd is great thanks dan and dave tricks / sybil triumph these is a great effect to do as opener effect u will learn avery good control u can use for any other trick and it shows the spectators how good u are with playing cards overall 8/10...
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    what do u do when

    what do u do when u do an amazing trick to some people and they never freaks out ? i hate this alot
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    what is your favourite flourishes to do ?

    i want to know what is your favourite flourishes to do ? dont say something u create mine are crabshack preqel molecules spring sybil trying to do j5 however i finished phase 1 maddona phase 3 skater cut phase 4 sybil of course going to learn phase 2 /5 /6 hope me luck :D...
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    dan and dave twothousandten lecture dvd

    it contain some cool tricks and variations and flourishes bonus flourishes / controls 1-autocatch1.1 (variation) 2- sybil triumph 3-rigged 4-manfred shuffle(andthensome) 5-edamame 6-seduction 7-underpressure ( from trilogy) 8-flic(andthensome) 9-tg deckflip(trilogy) 10-werm(system)...
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    clipshift tips and applications

    hey every one i need alot of clipshift tips and applications if any one have please tell me
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    stabbed in the back

    before i buy this trick does it required any break / it can be done surrounded
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    best molecule 4 ?

    for me will be m4 ny
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    why my preqel :S ?

    i can do dan and dave preqel in 6 or 5 seconds but i look at the mirror it dont give the same shape as dan does maybe cuz iam fast?
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    second phase of pandora ( crab shack)

    i do it slow i want to do it fast what should it take to do it fast?
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    pandora second phase hard on me

    i have replaced it by molecule four tokyo but it dont look awesome as the original unnamed cut any help it is hard on me to learn the second phase any help would be great thanks
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