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    Problem: Fingers are Too Smooth to do some effects

    Working Hands is crazy good. SortKwik is worth a try as well.
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    By Forces Unseen is back

    For those like me who have been waiting, the reprint of By Forces Unseen has now been released.
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    Sleights that elude you.

    Pinky count. Though now that I have a copy of Darwin Ortiz at the Card Table, I may have a chance. I'm just not convinced my pinky works that way.
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    Can't Faro Shuffle for the life of me

    Frankly a deck of Bicycles could be cut either way. Turn the cards over and see what works better, that's the best way to find out. The one's I've been getting from here recently are "traditional" cut, that used to not be the case. Not sure if it's a semi-permanent change or what. Yes it...
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    Looking For Tricks!

    Try bridge sized cards. They aren't as wide. And there is a lot to practice other than palming, so palming issues shouldn't hold you back much regardless.
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    Why Mnemonica or Aaronson stack and not any random deck order?

    One big advantage to not just using a random order is just that everyone can discuss the setups and different things that can be done with them, such as poker demonstrations. Don't worry too much about which of these 2 is better, they will each do similar things and generally whatever you need...
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    Coin Set questions

    Sweet, there's hope for mine to arrive soon then! I'm scared to drop my silver so it will be nice to have these to play with.
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    Coin Set questions

    Have they come yet? I went ahead and ordered the Kennedys as well along with a C/S and an English penny X set earlier this month. I'm not really expecting them soon, but we'll see. Let us know how yours you like them and when they arrive.
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    Coin Set questions

    And they should last a long time. When I order cards i'm always thinking about how long until I have to order more. Looking forward to filling out my coins, probably including some Keuppers Kennedy halfs
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    Coin Set questions

    They should fit. As far as the price it depends on the brand and coin (are you getting Kennedy Halfs or silver?) Some brands are Johnson, Tango, Kueppers, and Schoolcraft, ordered least to most expensive. There are of course others, but these are the most readily available. The more...
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    My 2020 Tinkerings

    Thanks for sharing the videos! I've been spending my extra home time with cards as well and this is good inspiration to put something on video to share as well.
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    Best close up trick?

    I like rubber band magic. These are my favorites. Pi: Ring on Band by Michael Scanzello Melting Point by Casshan Wallace
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    Disappearing Lite Match

    Yes, better answer. I confess to being a literalist.
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    Bicycle Rider Back's Real or Fake?

    I recently bought some directly from T11 here and got a mix of 2014 and 2018. Some of each in both blue and red. I was a bit surprised that I got a mix of dates in both colors. The decks are presumably both quite authentic but I can indeed tell the difference in feel of the the ones with...
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    Disappearing Lite Match

    I think the match would just be too hot, I wouldn't want to try. None of the standard methods seem suited for a red hot match head.
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    false wash shuffle

    I don't recall seeing that on there, but I haven't watched it recently and it's a long set of DVDs. Maybe someone else will.
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    Secret Force?!?

    It's not a force. Banachek covers some of this in psychological subtleties, though there are probably better sources for starting out. Others will have suggestions for you on this If you learn mentalism/mental magic you will eventually learn things like this. It's best to have a goal to learn...
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    Impromptu Magic for kids

    Do you have any books? You want something very clear and easy to follow. I would do something similar to Invisible Transit (2 cards magically switch places) from Expert Card Technique. As far as books go, Scarne on Card Tricks and Fulves' Self Working Card Magic should have some good tricks...
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    Hello, I need some recommendations on card magic

    You could learn a stack. The best books to start with for that are probably either Simply Simon or Mnemonica, regardless of what stack you choose to learn.
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