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  1. ReapingDevil

    The most effective color change...

    all colour changes are "effective" when done well enough.
  2. ReapingDevil

    My battle video

    loved it, smooth.
  3. ReapingDevil

    Do you have another hobby?

    piano,guitar,accordion,kungfu,drawing,taking pics/photoshopping,editing vids, psp gamming, shopping?
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  5. ReapingDevil

    Haha, i see. nothing really :] you?

    Haha, i see. nothing really :] you?
  6. ReapingDevil

    wutsup wutsup ;D

    wutsup wutsup ;D
  7. ReapingDevil

    Dear, Sweet Jen : A Short Story

    beautiful. T^T~
  8. ReapingDevil

    "Magik" pick up lines?

    Instead of thinking you'll be picking up girls with these lines, you could always use it to jest with your g/f. I mean, yeah theyres cheesy and lame, but you could just use it for fun, some girls like cheesy o_O.
  9. ReapingDevil

    Battling Theory11 Artists?

    i remember one time challenging on a queens battle. chris kenner came along and considered battling because he had a variation on it he was working on. but idk, it was a while ago
  10. ReapingDevil

    Color Change Battle

    you can battle me if youd like, havent done one for some time. pm?
  11. ReapingDevil


    Can you expand on that? In my opinion, this trick was meant to be performed "outside internet land" , involves the spectators, and involves a slight misdirection. It's like you're saying the card to mouth trick is not performable in life other then on camera when i read that. If you're...
  12. ReapingDevil

    Valentine's Day Idea

    sealed with a kiss. end of discussion. ahaha, jokes, but u can use that trick, its perfect.
  13. ReapingDevil

    YouTube/ Vimeo accounts
  14. ReapingDevil

    Color Change Battle

    sigh. no offense and all, but watching this made me sorta regret watching battle videos again...
  15. ReapingDevil

    Saturday Night Contest - Design a Card

    dammit! i coulda submitted my ace design D:
  16. ReapingDevil

    The System

    XB didnt teach em squat. i started off with the trilogy...only becuase i had no other flourishing DVD <.< but i managed to get a few down, all if i had the dedication to learn all.
  17. ReapingDevil

    JB Reel?

    whoa...thats what i like...linkin park..joanathan WANNA SEE A LIVE SHOW FROM HIM!
  18. ReapingDevil

    Nail Polish?

    i second that. only to me personally though, to let you know, this does not apply to everyone on earth. If you have a good relationship with your parents, it may be easier to tell them and have them understand your decisions. Besides, they should respect what you want to do, its YOUR life...
  19. ReapingDevil

    The System

    those are from the trilogy. the system is a bit advance for someone to just start off.
  20. ReapingDevil

    thanks for favouriting =)

    thanks for favouriting =)
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