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  1. darosa.justin

    My site

    Can I ask what the site exactly is for? If it's just another site where some kid sells his "stuff"...then I wish you the best of luck...
  2. darosa.justin

    Captive - Card through Bottle

    Very very nice. The principle of the cell phone through bottle (which I think is quite a stupid effect) is quite similar. But The prop is compeltely different, and there may be some differences between the method (which I am not totally sure of). This definately can be made into...
  3. darosa.justin

    Advice Needed

    No good telling us something...with nothing if you get what I mean. As RebelAce said... Show us some evidence of it being a workable effect.
  4. darosa.justin

    theory11 main page - Revamped & Redesigned

    Old one I liked better. The two side panels are slightly large. Looks kind of 'oversized'. The What is THeory11 video should have been kept on. People coming to the site for the first time will watch that video first. Then have an idea of what we're about. However, if that's...
  5. darosa.justin

    YU'OOD Video Performance

    I think the effect itself is quite stupid. It's quite suspicious when you open the wallet from diferent sides every time? It isn't even magic- it's just like those little, totally impractical toys you get when you're young (though some of them still rock like sponge balls). But to me, toys...
  6. darosa.justin

    Don't Destroy This Place

    Sorry, what is "rep"?
  7. darosa.justin

    Don't Destroy This Place

    You just described the US.
  8. darosa.justin

    One Trick Before You Died - What Would It Be?

    A DAMN good read C=B. Totally agree with you. That's pretty much the reason why I've kind've taken a break from magic. Just getting my real life back, and not letting magic take over. We'll see if I get pulled back into magic..
  9. darosa.justin

    The perfect place for magic? Routine?

    You bought Panic, even though it was SO obvious to you...and no you're complaining/ Smooth.
  10. darosa.justin

    1-on-1 Update : Angle Zero + Next Week Hint

    Selling the HIT effect from Dangerous for $9.95 is perfectly fine. T11 is a business. If they Angle Zero at the price it SHOULD be mathematically, it would be sold for something like $3 bucks- now THAT'S not right. T11 wants you to get the whole set of Dangerous (where they would make more...
  11. darosa.justin

    Diary of a Nitwit Magician

    Never mind. Should've waited for the next entry. Now it makes sense...
  12. darosa.justin

    This is a big problem...

    Don't get me wrong, I totally agree with you, in not doing magic just for the girls, and in doing so, disrespecting the art. However, I'm curious as to what your justification for not doing magic for girls is? And HOW this disrespects the art? Who says that you can't do magic to get girls...
  13. darosa.justin

    Diary of a Nitwit Magician

    Woops! Forgot about that gig. However, with my entry I wanted to show how the character now realized that taking gigs without the necessary experience or preparation is NOT the way to go. Personally, I made the same mistake, and yes, it turned out EXACTLY the way as described in the diary...
  14. darosa.justin

    Diary of a Nitwit Magician

    To be blunt- Because I didn't like your diary entry after mine (page 15 of this thread). It was kind of lame, and in my opinion, the character had developed enough to be able to decide what was healthy for his magic and what was not (deciding to take a gig where he only had 6 days to prepare...
  15. darosa.justin

    Diary of a Nitwit Magician

    Alright...I just wanted Morgician and I to take turns, so neither of us would be TOO responsible for developing the character. P.S. I'm ignoring the previous post because it really WASN'T what I was hoping for. It kind of sounded like the old Nitwit Magician! EDIT: I just realized that my...
  16. darosa.justin

    Diary of a Nitwit Magician

    Morgician! Write one!!
  17. darosa.justin

    Diary of a Nitwit Magician

    Morgician, Would you mind if I took all the (decent) diary entries and collaborated them into a pdf.? Produce a more organized "Diary of a Nitwit Magician"?
  18. darosa.justin

    What's this?

    Something quite similar to Ricky Jay's effect, but that's not it. Can nobody really tell me what trick was in that video? I remember it was in a montage of performances and this specific one was on the floor of his school. Again, it was one of the T11 members. Anybody know?
  19. darosa.justin

    Diary of a Nitwit Magician

    Thanks so much! I was afraid it would be no match to yours. I'll try and write a few more posts, and see how the Nitwit Magician goes from there.
  20. darosa.justin

    Diary of a Nitwit Magician

    Love the last paragraph. HAHA! Well, here's my entry. Definitely no match to Morgician's... Day 56 Boy! Am I tired...I just got back from a long night at this new bar, "Se7en". Tom invited me to come with him this afternoon, after explaining how he thought 'I was ready'. So we went into the...
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