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  1. E/caulfield

    Need a camera.

    I recently bought a Canon Powershot SD780, which takes 720p video that looks fantastic, it also takes it in .mov so it's pretty easy to work with. It's primarily a photo camera, but it's a better all around value than the flip IMHO, and in my experience is a better camcorder than the flip as...
  2. E/caulfield

    Happy Birthday Jesse Feinberg!

    Happy Birthday Jesse! I'd write you a card but my pen just turned to a cigarette, sooo....
  3. E/caulfield

    Practicing flourishes + cardistry in public

    As long as you're good enough to not drop cards all over the place, bystanders will typically find it very impressive and won't really view you as "developing". I practice flourishes all the time and use them as attention-grabbers, when I don't feel like disturbing anybody but want to show off...
  4. E/caulfield

    Buy This 1-on-1!

    Damn, I was wondering how this was going to go after reading it last night...anyway here's my bottom line; I make it a point not to get involved with any internet conflicts but there doesn't seem to be much conflict here, it's simple. Bill, your blatant lack of ethics and disrespect for...
  5. E/caulfield

    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable Discussion with Jesse Feinberg

    Cool podcast, Jesse sounds like a cool guy to chill with. Actually, they all do :p
  6. E/caulfield

    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable Discussion with Jesse Feinberg

    Your brand of magic is very unconformist and unique. Where do you get the inspiration/ideas/methods for your effects?
  7. E/caulfield

    t11.bulletin - REVOLVER by Kelvin Chow : Now Available

    I'm low on funds right now but this change is beautiful. I'm going to have think it over for a bit if I can manage it.
  8. E/caulfield

    Spello Change - Where to get gimmick?

    If you go to school, you can get some there. I gave my teacher $5 for about 30.
  9. E/caulfield

    Performing to Strangers

    I'm getting the exact same problem. I wear my mysterious trenchcoat and walk up to people and ask "You wanna see my deck?". Never goes well.
  10. E/caulfield

    Music Related

    Wow, great stuff. Sounds like something that should be on the radio honestly. Will spread the word.
  11. E/caulfield

    The Cutting Edge?

    Yo, has anyone seen/bought Dynamo's DVD "The Cutting Edge"? It looks pretty cool, and I'm a fan of Dynamo's stuff typically, but the DVD trailer offered nothing. Hoping I could get some advice from anyone who might have it here. Thanks much,
  12. E/caulfield

    Saturday Night Contest - What Magic Means to You

    ^lae, you kinda missed your cue, bro. Congratulations, Will. Really great essay, very well writtten.
  13. E/caulfield

    Saturday Night Contest - What Magic Means to You

    Magic and cardistry, since I began learning it about a year ago, has been so much more than a hobby. It’s an addiction, and a muse. To me, magic embodies everything that I am. I love to make people react, laugh and think. I often visualize and daydream, the inside of my head is often like a...
  14. E/caulfield

    Saturday Night Contest - What Magic Means to You

    lmfao writing in the process...
  15. E/caulfield

    Saturday Night Contest - What Magic Means to You

    Should the responses be about magic in general, or Theory11 like in the bulletin?
  16. E/caulfield

    Card Storm 2010!

  17. E/caulfield

    Street Magic Movie

    Fantastic video...I've actually been thinking about doing something like this is my own style lately. Great job.
  18. E/caulfield

    Building vanish exposed!

    MANBEARPIG. Half man, half bear, and half pig. I'm super serial.
  19. E/caulfield

    I Thought This Was a Magic Forum

    Indeed, good point. Like complaining to Nelson Mandela that you got a detention lol
  20. E/caulfield

    We Need More of These Floating Around....

    No, I watched it. After I picked my heart off the floor I found it pretty funny:cool:
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