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    Over coming the fear of performing in public.

    Know what you're going to say. Smile at your audience and breathe. All you need to do to overcome stumbling blocks. And if you slip up or choke or freeze in the middle of performance? Think about what you're going to say, smile, breathe, and continue.
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    Want massive gains in your cardistry in 62 mins?

    Buy a Rider-Waite Tarot Deck. No kidding. Think of it like using weights to excercise. You push to failure, and then dial it down and watch the massive gains. Here's what I did: 1. Picked up my regular poker sized deck and cycled through all the cardistry moves I regularly use. (8 mins...
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    Where can I learn stage illusions?

    Hey mate, sorry about the late response. Some questions aren't as easy to answer, so it might take a while for other people to get back to you. Also, keep in mind that this forum got people from all over the globe, so someone 8 timezone hours away from you might have the answer, and you'll have...
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    I need some help.

    What routines do you currently perform?
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    ok - this abuse needs to end.

    You're bringing up something that is important. Pick up artists DO exploit magic tricks, and that does leave a bad impression of magic on other people. Whether you're a spectator of that particular performance, or the female it's being used on, when you use magic to "pick up" someone, you're...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Red White and Blue

    Hey Casey, can we get this clarified beforehand so that it's set before the results are shown? If we have a close match BY CARD IDENTITY but not BY DECK, and a close match by DECK but off a little BY CARD IDENTITY, who wins? For example, if the winning combination is: Red-- Ace of Spades...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Red White and Blue

    Prediction A: Red-- 9 of Diamonds White-- Jack of Hearts Blue-- 10 of Spades Prediction B: Red-- 8 of Diamonds White-- Jack of Clubs Blue-- King of Hearts Prediction C: Red-- 4 of Spades White-- 6 of Hearts Blue-- 7 of Diamonds
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    Separating the chosen card from the bottom of the deck

    It's called a buckle. You can learn it in Card College Vol. 1 (pg. 212)
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    looking for a useful card technique for stacking selections

    If by "smooth and clean" you mean a direct control to the fifth and sixth position, then you can have the cards selected with the DMB control and use Tony Chang's cull to move the cards where you need them. Instead of culling to the bottom, break the receiving hand away from the spread with the...
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    looking for a useful card technique for stacking selections

    "Allow me to insert *turning to #1* your card here and *to #2* the same with your card, square them with the deck, and then cut and shuffle the pack to place it in a random order." Diagonal insert into swing cut control to the top, then overhand shuffle control to the top running four cards...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Heads (or Tails)

    1. Tails. 2. Tails. 3. Tails. 4. Tails???? 5. TAILS!!!!
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    Professional Acts

    Spoilers.... ;) You're welcome, RK. Put it to use.
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    Professional Acts

    Write it from scratch. No, really. You can get caught up in looking at other people's acts and not accomplish anything more than collecting uneccessary data--data that you'll discard later on anyway because it won't fit with the kind of show you want. You don't need the inspiration. It's just...
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    What do you do...?

    Vodka, when it's on hand. A cigarette is more than enough for most cases though.
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    I JUST BARFED and I got a gig at the Magic Castle

    It's about building a momentum towards the show. For actors, opening night of a play is always the most butterfly inducing show because the audience causes you to scrutinise yourself, and if you're not prepared, can get you to second guess your actions--which is bad because then it all rolls...
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    My Embarrassing Concern.......

    THIS. This.
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    Moves for Move Monkeys

    Why collect car parts that do not fit together?
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    The ZLog - My Web Series

    Question mate. How are you getting along filming out there? I hear they've been pretty strict on street performers lately.
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    The Positivity Thread - Say Something About Someone

    I think j.bayme is a pretty cool guy. eh precedents t11 and doesnt afraid of illusionist.
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    Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like? I think magic can legitimately be considered for formal education. We've got dance, theatre, music, economics, sculpting, and a whole myriad of other subjects, we can put magic in there. Magic has a rich...
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