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  1. Jay Adra

    New Site Finally Here?

    A long overdue refresh. Looks great. I do however have two vertical scrollbars and a horizontal one (on a 2560x1440 screen).
  2. Jay Adra

    Psychic Magic

    This might be what you're referring to?
  3. Jay Adra

    Saturday Night Contest - The Magician

    9 of Spades, 4 of Clubs 5 of Diamonds, Jack of Hearts 2 of Clubs, King of Diamonds
  4. Jay Adra

    Card Tricks SUCK!

    This article doesn't "make my blood boil" - it's actually good to read. Maybe it should serve as a bit of a warning - laymen are getting sick of the same few card tricks, presented without much originality. Who can blame them? As a magician, I enjoy watching magic - even if it is a card effect...
  5. Jay Adra

    Memory Magic

    @MrHurley, maybe this isn't what you're looking for, but there are many tricks that can be done with memorised decks. Tamariz's book is a pretty comprehensive source for this. This involves learning the order of the deck, but also the position of each card (and therefore the card at each...
  6. Jay Adra

    Reflections and Ontology Project

    I went through the same thing Chris. I was lucky to end up finding a copy and I hope the same happens for you. Not sure if they stock it anymore (or if they ship worldwide), but here's where I found it about two years ago: Good luck.
  7. Jay Adra

    New Forum Glitch?

    Yep, looks fine now. Thanks.
  8. Jay Adra

    New Forum Glitch?

    I have the same issue. Win 8.1, Firefox 35.0.1.
  9. Jay Adra

    Welcome to the NEW theory11 Forums!

    Thanks Mark - perfect!
  10. Jay Adra

    Welcome to the NEW theory11 Forums!

    Well done - the new layout is a lot nicer and easier to use. However I used to have this link bookmarked: To check the latest posts, but obviously it doesn't work anymore. I was wondering if there is a similar equivalent? EDIT: Also just...
  11. Jay Adra

    Saturday Night Contest - Contraband Card Lotto

    Card 1: 4 of Clubs Card 2: 6 of Hearts Card 1: 8 of Spades Card 2: 7 of Diamonds
  12. Jay Adra

    Saturday Night Contest - Year in Review

    This year I came to understand the importance of learning magic from books.
  13. Jay Adra

    Saturday Night Contest - Your Deck Display

    Nice! I have Anduril as well!
  14. Jay Adra

    Business Cards

    If you can work it into a trick somehow, it'll generally be smoother for you. For example, a torn and restored card with your business card, and then they get to keep it after. Or write a prediction down on it etc. Try to work it into a trick/routine and let them keep it afterwards. It's also...
  15. Jay Adra

    Tenkai palm color change?

    As with most things, chances are, your variation is not new. But as Christopher said, if you posted a video it would be easier to tell (unless the variation is in the unseen method/handling, then a video might just look the same).
  16. Jay Adra

    Looking for someone to make a video for the Wire

    Your location would be useful as well. Unless you want to potentially fly me across the globe :)
  17. Jay Adra

    The Animated Erdnase - JFX

    A nice idea and well executed.
  18. Jay Adra

    Need Help With Making Videos Please :)

    It might be possible depending on your phone, but the audio might come out mono (1 channel), not to mention you'll need to find a way to mount/hold the mic in place. So I wouldn't recommend it.
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