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  1. datskanars

    Utility Moves vs. Tricks

    I agree with the post above and i have to admit that 4for4 has many applications,its easy and really clean looking. just buy it
  2. datskanars

    what to get

    i'd definitely get Symphony .Riot and Polaroid are really impractical indeed. George
  3. datskanars

    Stage Magic - Audience Participation

    and Derren Brown at the Evening of Wonders threw freesbies at people. By the way Andy Nyman's tips are awesome George
  4. datskanars

    Can mentalism be combined with magic?

    To nerds like us, yes. I have often been asked as a metal fan if there is a point distinguishing the differences between folk metal, black metal, and Viking metal. The assertion is that the labels don't matter because it's like... all about the muuuusic, maaaaaan; it's all what's... what's...
  5. datskanars

    Can mentalism be combined with magic?

    i agree with visualartist. The audience doesn's care that much if you combine the two. They will be entertained and that's what they all care about. In my opinion they can be combined with the right presentation and character. Bottom line: you can do whatever you like as long as you...
  6. datskanars

    Magic - Mentalism

    i have actually combined the two. the last time i performed Torn and then a variation of Spread Vanish from d+M's BURN . A group of more than 20 people gathered around and i performed Luke Jermay's "Touching on Hoy " and then "For Andruzzi" [i actually did it !!!! i am happy!!] as a closer and...
  7. datskanars

    Card Spring Marriage Proposal

    lol ''about time" congrats man best of luck
  8. datskanars

    Do you label yourself a magician?

    in my opinion how a spectator perceives the word magician is based on the performer's clothes voice and approach. i have used many terms [depending on the routines that i do]. E.g if i were to do sth that reminds of Ricky Jay i would call myself a sleight of hand artist - or if i was to...
  9. datskanars

    Magic - Mentalism

    There have been tons of threads about combining magic and flourishing but i am surprised that noone has ever asked about combining magic and mentalism in a performance.So yeah thats the topic Can magic and mentalism be combined in a performance? By the way can you reccomend any sources from...
  10. datskanars

    Help with Pass

    I ' ll just repeat what everyone said LEARN THE MECHANICS of the pass first. then after you have them down practice practise practise......and after [ i'd say a year] or more of practise then think of coverage. By the way the whole thinking behind the classic pass is not that you do it...
  11. datskanars

    Where Are We Advancing To?

    No one can anticipate where magic can/will/should go . Magic is not a static thing but it's evolving constantly so it is almost impossible for some1 to say where he thinks magic should advance. Did Colombus know where he was going ? no he thought he did. It's te same thing with magic many...
  12. datskanars

    Summer School

    Why only in the summer?? i live my life the whole year [icluding summer of course] George
  13. datskanars

    Misdirection in Card Magic

    something i had been doing for a while [until i got totally comfortable palming] was this: spec: "can I shuffle the cards?" me: "of course but I want you to shuffle them in a specific way, like this... [at which point i would perform a variation of the butterfly cut or Sleepless].it is...
  14. datskanars

    Satisfaction Guaranteed - Presentation!

    an impromptu one huh? i had created one also a while back but i decided to stick with DG's method. After all with my presentation i have actually sometimes asked the spectator if he could give the deck back to my friends to "prove myself " sort of. i cant describe it but I create a connection...
  15. datskanars

    Anxious when performing?

    only one suggestion: PERFoRM more you will get rid of it after a number of performances. George
  16. datskanars

    Daniel Madison Style backfire...

    just do what you want to do and dont let those comments bother you. George
  17. datskanars

    Saturday Night Contest - DG.LIVE - Symphony Questions

    what did it take to become the DG we all know and what opportunities were presented to ya that helped ya become a pro ? George
  18. datskanars

    Satisfaction Guaranteed - Presentation!

    no problem guys and thanks for taking time to view this. George
  19. datskanars

    Help Needed

    angle zero has to be one of the easiest tricks in my repertoire if not the easiest and yes the corner can appear anywhere. If i were you i would check d+M's Trilogy [because i love his effects and there is a great array of effects from fire-esque effects to sandwich routines. If you havent...
  20. datskanars

    Quick Question About The Biddle Trick

    got the words outta my mouth. I was gonna quote Aaron...... George
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