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  1. Josh Simpson

    Uncut Playing Card Care and Additional Notes

    How to take care of them? Keep them in a rolled up tube and be careful when handling them :) as for displaying, I would suggest getting a custom picture frame :) Josh
  2. Josh Simpson

    "Limited" trend is shocking

    I apologise that sarcasm is difficult to understand over the internet.
  3. Josh Simpson

    "Limited" trend is shocking

    Not intending to start any fights, but when people get upset about mark ups then how can they expect companies to make a profit? Take an appearing cane for example, costs about 45p to produce but costs around £20 to buy yet it is a prop hundreds of magicians buy. Take any other living item, an...
  4. Josh Simpson

    2011 Christmas Contest

    Hey guys, So last year I posted up on the theory 11 forums and ended up giving away over 15 parcels containing magic and cards for free! I decided to do the same this year...well not really...this event has now turned into a contest and I can't wait to see the entries. Hope to see many people...
  5. Josh Simpson

    what cards is Jason England using for..

    These cards (from what I can find) can only be bought wholesale, in bulk, and are indeed called angel club playing cards. :) Josh
  6. Josh Simpson

    Cardistry and Magic Vlogging

    Thanks for your comments :)
  7. Josh Simpson

    Cardistry and Magic Vlogging

    Post deleted.
  8. Josh Simpson

    Saturday Night Contest - Let's Get Techno-Logic!
  9. Josh Simpson

    SUNY Geneseo

    Haha it isn't me who is going it is a friend of mine :) Josh
  10. Josh Simpson

    SUNY Geneseo

    Hey guys, I have a friend attending SUNY Geneseo and was wondering if there was any magicians or flourishers who could meet up with her just so she has some contacts? Any help would be greatly appreciated :) Josh
  11. Josh Simpson

    Saturday Night Contest - The Power of Probability

    Heads Heads Tails Heads Heads
  12. Josh Simpson

    Would you buy this on the WIRE

    Honestly? I wouldn't as the principles aren't original nor have they been tapped to their full potential. A work in progress but it could be good some day :) Josh
  13. Josh Simpson

    Wanna jam?

    I'm up for a jam but you need to give your name and email for skype to be able to find you :S
  14. Josh Simpson

    Saturday Night Contest - Read Calen's Mind!

    1.Aardvark 2.Panda 3.Grizzly Bear
  15. Josh Simpson

    Flourishing tutorial

    Hey all, So here I a quick question, how do you like to watch card flourishing tutorials? Do you like two cameras in one continuous shot? So multiple angles at the same time? Music or speaking or does it depend? Overview of certain moves first? Then the whole thing? Do you want to see the...
  16. Josh Simpson

    Saturday Night Contest - Supernatural Roundtable

    Magic is known as the cups and balls, cards, coins, but how did you find magic altered from culture to culture and where did their roots come from? Every culture has their Dai Vernon equivalent. Why the supernaturalist as a name? As a senior member in the magic community what are your...
  17. Josh Simpson

    Saturday Night Roundtable - Luis de Matos (posted)

    What is the future for EMC? What was you aim with the EMC? Was it to be 'just another magic convention' or something more?
  18. Josh Simpson

    How would you expand the art?

    Hey guys, due to a lack of entries the competition is being extended to next Friday, sorry for the inconvenience. Josh
  19. Josh Simpson

    How would you expand the art?

    Awesome guys, looking forward to them! Josh
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