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  1. Luis Vega

    Saturday Night Contest - First Impression!

    AWESOME!!! thank you for this! I enjoyed doing the video and remembering my days as restaurant magician (also speaking english) Have a great week everyone!!
  2. Luis Vega

    Saturday Night Contest - First Impression!

    So... lets pretend that I am in a nice restaurant and not in my house... eons ago I used to do restaurant magic... so this is a remembrance of those days... where, to introduce myself I pretended to be the manager then I did something to get the audience attention and respect... enjoy the...
  3. Luis Vega

    What do you think attract customers?

    Your site while it does look profesional, it doesnt have a lot of references... clients are more impressed of what people says about your show... and you don´t have anything (quotes doesnt matter, since you can fake them... I am not saying you did) it works best if you have videos of clients...
  4. Luis Vega

    Making Original Tricks

    Also... you can use your phone to record a quick video of an idea to remember later
  5. Luis Vega

    Saturday Night Contest - Create A Trick!

    My submit... a bag... and a lot of space... :) I hope I still have time!!
  6. Luis Vega

    Lets make a magic trick 1 sentence at a time

    using only these cards and my toe?
  7. Luis Vega

    Why do magicians dislike mentalism?

    I will never understand magicinas hating or disliking mentalism... is like denying yourself a whole set of tools to connect with the audience...
  8. Luis Vega

    Pick your consultant!

    I would definitely pick a magician, a comedian and a writer to consult the show...
  9. Luis Vega

    Chivalry Between Magicians

    Hey everyone! I have something to share that happened to me some days ago. first a backstory: Around 6 years ago I meet a guy in a party and told me his uncle was a magician and he was sure he would love to meet me.. so he arranged a meeting at his house... and then I meet this very old...
  10. Luis Vega

    Saturday Night Contest - Magic Moment

    Magic only exists when an spectator sees it... and when its shared to the world... if you have the greatest trick but only you see it... it doesnt exist... Here is the instant where you can see the Magic in the eye of the spectator and the willingness to keep the moment forever in their phone...
  11. Luis Vega

    Extremely High Standards on Magic

    Thank you for your response! indeed, the process of creating a custom magic event is as interesting as the show itself! the song is by my favorite artist is Unveil by The Anix
  12. Luis Vega

    Magic through video call.

    Also.. invisible deck.. I use that one to open my virtual shows... quick, easy and also establishes your reputation real quick
  13. Luis Vega

    Extremely High Standards on Magic

    Here is the video of the event, in case anyone wants to check it out!
  14. Luis Vega

    Extremely High Standards on Magic

    Hello everyone! EDIT: I have video of the event and it´s edited to last around 1 min... I will share it here until monday, because the client has an official launch date tomorrow, so he doesn´t want anyone to spoil it... be sure to return here on monday to see it! I have something to share...
  15. Luis Vega

    Sleights that elude you.

    Maybe you have mastered it... but sometimes as magicians we think is never good enough...but in reality is great! if you use the sleights to perform for people... maybe you don´t need it to be perfect... Remember... you will never be truly ready... only ready enough...
  16. Luis Vega

    Sleights that elude you.

    Diagonal Palm Shift... I used to do it with 4 cards!!...Now I cannot for the life of me, do it with one... :(
  17. Luis Vega

    Saturday Night Contest - Impossible Snapshot!

    you can post it here directly... I assume you can do that.. besides, Instagram is free.. so you can do an account for this and future contests
  18. Luis Vega

    Helmet Trick

    Yes, I have the helmet (I cannot take pictures of it... jejeje) I have a very strong thread that i can divide in strands... I was thinking using a routine like "The Floating Ball" by Luis de Matos (I have the dvd and the thread that comes along... but I don´t think that thread can hold the...
  19. Luis Vega

    Helmet Trick

    Hello everyone! I hope you had an awesome new year start! I wanted to ask some opinion here... I was hired to do a trick to present a new Motorcycle helmet... I threw some ideas and they liked it! However I do want to know if there are other options that I haven´t think of... Here are some...
  20. Luis Vega

    Lets Talk Resolutions.

    Get ripped af, consolidate my corporate magician bussiness... and finish the "Memento Project"
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