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    Guide to Wallets for Magicians and Mentalists!

    Jardonnet Wallet I believe the Jardonnet fire wallet is improved from years past it now has a peek feature, and mounted pads. It's a solid worker I have been a fan for 15 years. I'm sure others will 2nd it.... Buy from him direct
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    Just read an advanced copy of Silken Sands

    Devin Knight will be releasing his version of colored Sand to silks. I just had the opportunity to read an advanced copy of Devin's version, and it is very, very good. He teaches you the entire method of not only presenting the effect, but also designing all of the theater props. The end...
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    Business Card design...any graphics people here?

    I have always said that it's not the card, it's how you hand it to the prospect. I am not free but my skills are sought after. Here is a link of some of my recent work.
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    Crystal Vanish - Crystal Clear choice in PD's

    Just released - Full Reviews welcomed Stephane Jardonnet has always been know for his devious mind, he has developed some of the most amazing staples in magic over the last 20 years. As well as produced countless Instructional Magic DVDS. All Magic stores are very familiar with Jardonnet, and...
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    Ultimate Wild Card review

    This for me is the best of wild card routines yet, and the English voice IMO is perfect. ;) Vallerino is a master card handler, he teaches several additional moves including some basics on the Ramba count. Worth every dime. I will agree that the packaging is lack luster. But the content and DVD...
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    Gumball Magi-chine | Buzz Lawrence & Nexus Magic

    Gumball Magi-chine - By Buzz Lawrence & Nexus Magic Productions This is no ordinary Gumball machine. This particular machine was chosen for this effect because it is a commercially made product; it is the very same machine used by thousands of vending machine companies throughout the...
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    Blaine VS. Angel

    I started this thread some time ago, a friend of mine sent me a video of Criss portraying himself as Doug Henning, at first I was thinking oh what a cool tribute to a legend. Then at 1:47! Did others puke in their mouth's at this point? Hey, I have heard the term art imitates life, but for art...
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    Signed Card Thru Window - By JP Vallerino

    Any type of cloth or napkin will work just fine. Any type of window that allows you access to either side. I have used all kinds of windows and Sliders as well glass panels in a nightclub. The video demo shows a glass panel in a restaurant. Honestly, once you have the product in your pocket...
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    Signed Card Thru Window - By JP Vallerino

    With the new re-working it's much more then a color change read a couple of post back. I have re-worked the entire effect. Now to the spectator is not only a color change thru window, it's a card through window teleportation. It has become my most powerful card presentation to date.
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    Signed Card Thru Window - By JP Vallerino

    Signed Card Thru Window -Re-worked Hey guys I wanted to update, I have been performing this for about 8 months now. And I have to now correct my past statements in saying that it's just a color change thru glass. I have made it much more then that with some revisions that I am reluctant to...
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    Eric Jones Twizted Metal

    I have to give a vote too I have to agree with everything suggested, Metal is one of my favorites. I would like to also suggest: David Stones: Basic Coin Magic Vol 1 & 2. It's well thought out with great instruction and very detailed routines. Produced in the 90's this is still a best...
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    Daniel Garcia Project - Complete Review

    I love this set so much I made a complete volume collection package with a bonus disc. Garcia pulled off a great series.
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    Art of Magic by WH review

    The Art of Magic Great review, I own a copy myself and it's very well put together.
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    Berk Eratay - Biokinesis

    My understanding the delay on this release has been due to the FDA. The Gimmick may not be released in the US just the DVD. Europe I understand will have the full effect available. Can someone confirm?
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    PSYPHER by Robert Smith

    The original was great, this is much improved. Awesome, Haunter that you received a tip! That's cool. . . Great review also I.Am.Imfamous... TY
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    Mash Pack - By Garrett Thomas & Paul Harris

    I just picked this one up for myself... This is a fantastic concept taken to the next level by Garrett Thomas included is a beautifully produced DVD. Two Decks both Paul Harris Box backed deck and the Garrett Thomas gaffed deck are included. Mash Pack by far is an excellent addition to any...
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    Cyril Effect

    I know Jardonnet has a method that he has been using for nearly ten years in his routines. He is releasing it next year. It's called Signed and Sealed. Smokin' hot trailer... I think a lot of magican's have many methods for this effect. It's not by any means a new concept.
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    Berk Eratay - Biokinesis

    Bio-Kinesis is sure to take your mentalism to the next level. If you can keep your audience in front of you! This might be the trick that scatters your spectators in total fear. Lets just hope no one has a stake on them, cause it might end up in your heart before you can predict the chosen card...
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    Signed Card Thru Window - By JP Vallerino

    Signed Card Thru Window - By Vallerino Now there has been quite a few Card thru Windows, or should I say card change thru window effects. And like a few of the others this one should be called "Signed Card Change Thru Window". First off I want to start by saying for the record. This is the...
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    classic palm exercises?

    Classic Palm-ercizes I used to load up heavy keys to an old Key chain, and do Pinky lifts. Over time I built up the muscle in the palm of my hand. Also, used to do finger tip rest position loads, and drops back too finger tip rest, and then reload etc. etc. so on and so fourth. I too used to...
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