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  1. Sam Hindrichs

    TG murphy deck flip

    If you practice springs and dribbles a lot with that same deck it will cause the cards to be warped. This could also be the problem. Regardless if the deck is new or the cards are warped, you can do the deck flip with the cards in the tuck case and you can practice this way also. One more way to...
  2. Sam Hindrichs

    Beginning Magician

    You're right. I was being pompous "sticking up" for a beginner when he was given bad advice. I was being pompous when you said: and when you said : and when you said : and even when you said : I can see where I was being pompous this entire time by sticking to what I said in...
  3. Sam Hindrichs

    Beginning Magician

    If I was insulting the OP's intelligence by sticking up for a possibly young and naive beginner magician (when an older more knowledgable magician tells him to buy a book that is far to advanced for him, instead of telling him to buy a book that starts him at step 1) then I am in the wrong and I...
  4. Sam Hindrichs

    How Much Are These Coins Worth?

    If you know anyone that lives near a U.S. mint you can get Eisenhower dollars for a buck a piece.
  5. Sam Hindrichs

    Beginning Magician

    Watching football, a concert or a chef on tv have nothing to do with this topic. Watching tv has nothing to do with going and doing what you just watched. An aspiring football player would have to learn how to catch a football first before getting a NFL deal. An aspiring chef would need to learn...
  6. Sam Hindrichs

    How Much Are These Coins Worth?

    Not much.
  7. Sam Hindrichs

    Beginning Magician

    Hmmm... But really I fully believe that any magician, not just a beginner, buying a book or dvd that is too advanced for them is a bad idea. I don't do "cardistry" so it would be like me buying some advanced flourishing dvd without knowing the basics and not understanding why I can't do the...
  8. Sam Hindrichs

    My take for the DPS.

    You should try to get ahold of tony chang. In case you didnt know he has a killer dps. If you do need pointers or if your dps needs cleaning up Tony might be willing to help out (he helped me out a lot with mine a couple years ago). Btw that take on the dps is really good and it makes me upset...
  9. Sam Hindrichs

    Beginning Magician

    I am not trying to be rude here but in my honest opinion telling a true beginner to buy a book titled "expert" anything is horrible advice. Expert at the card table is an amazing learning tool BUT not for a beginner.
  10. Sam Hindrichs

    Beginning Magician

    Since Royal Road was mentioned I figured I would spread my wisdom. The biggest thing to remember when starting out is to never ever think something as simple as an...
  11. Sam Hindrichs

    Two card Monte and Angels

    Ok I stopped watching this video at 1:12 to comment on your 2 card monte. When people ask me to see a "magic trick" I always show my 2 card monte. It is one of my favorite tricks and always gets killer reactions. So, I am going to give you a few pointers. First off I feel like you are trying...
  12. Sam Hindrichs

    old card fanning?

    Yes cards do get old and sticky and won't handle the same as a new deck. Some tips on that is to always keep your hands clean and dry while practicing. There could be another problem though. When you handle cards for a while the cards will warm up (this is caused by the body heat from your...
  13. Sam Hindrichs

    Wow Our Community Here Has Gotten Harsh...

    I know its not entirely what this thread is about but Eostresh does a ton of deck reviews and I know Lyle Borders has done a bunch of deck reviews too. So maybe instead of sticky-ing "best deck" threads what if you stickied the deck reviews we have here?
  14. Sam Hindrichs

    Good Reads for the Proficient Performer?

    That's funny because most books I have bought in the past 2 1/2 years (Tangled Web included) came from reading that same post right after I started posting on the T11 forums.
  15. Sam Hindrichs

    Good Reads for the Proficient Performer?

    Tangled Web - Eric Mead
  16. Sam Hindrichs

    Erdanase: Bible Edition I know it's not the bible ed. but all I'm sayin' is $25 is a little much.
  17. Sam Hindrichs

    Bicycle Lotus Back?

    I know they are used but I did find this on Ebay for anyone interested Enjoy!
  18. Sam Hindrichs

    Homemade Close-Up Mat..

    Do they leave a "track"? I have to be honest. Yes. BUT! You have to remember that the pictures I have on my photobucket where taken with a camera with a very bright flash. The flash would show a little more than normal lighting would. Another thing, for most of those pictures I made them show...
  19. Sam Hindrichs

    Homemade Close-Up Mat..

    These are the close up pads I make. The tan and green one was one I made for Mike Hankins.
  20. Sam Hindrichs

    Which cards are worth buying now?

    As far as Bikes are concerned, there are only two ways I can tell you to know the difference in new Kentucky and old Kentucky Bikes. The first is the colors of the spade on the front of the card box. The new Kentucky Bikes spade is a much brighter color compared to the old Kentuky Bikes which is...
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