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    arizona// cardistry// Kyle La

    new vid enjoy...:)
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    Sunny Day// cardistry x magic// Kyle La enjoy... :) music: blue umbrella
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    Backyard // cardistry x no magic// Kyle La

    THXS for the feedback, still working in my l cuts tho, but thxs
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    Backyard // cardistry x no magic// Kyle La

    hey guys quick little video made today.. credits in video description
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    Should I start cardistry?

    if you sart buy genesis v1 to start out with :)
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    Mr. Finesse // cardistry x magic// Kyle La

    Hey guys, check out my new video i posted late at night, dont judge, i was bored and tired. Enjoy :) oh yeah watch in HD 1080p
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    its great, but the card flicker in the youtube link is not that original, andrei jihk has his bullet, and zach mueller has his own card twirl which looks very very similar. but in all great -Kyle
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    Saturday Night Contest - theory11 awards

    Zach Mueller Andrei Jikh Andy Nyman
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    Saturday Night Contest - Happy Birthday Andrei

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDREI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111 I HOPE YOU LIKE NOC ICING :P
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    Saturday Night Contest - Game of BlackJAQK

    5 of clubs 10 of spades 6 of hearts
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    Saturday Night Contest - Game of BlackJAQK

    3 of spade 10 of diamonds 8 of hearts
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    Saturday Night Contest - Game of BlackJAQK

    2 of diamonds 10 of clubs 9 of spades
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    Saturday Night Contest - Inside the Box

    About 9 bricks or 108 decks of cards
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    Saturday Night Contest - Rarebit Card Lottery

    1) King of spades 2) 5 of diamonds 1) 6 of clubs 2) ace of hearts
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    Making Gimmicked Cards

    I recommend Scotch double sided pemanent tape
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    Monarch playing cards review

    This is my review for Theory 11's Monarch playing cards. I've order it on and got it shipped right in front of my door. This review has been serparated into parts to show what I think about these cards. THE BOX: The box is really awesome with the gold linings and everything. I...
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