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  1. Toby

    Bar Magic / Clubs Magic Effects

    Hey guys, I see that couple of "give me suggestion for tricks" threads have popped up lately. So I will also create one that I really need. I need bar effects, which means shorter in length, highly visual magic that can be done with NO talking, aka. to a loud music. It can be a card trick as...
  2. Toby

    Help with some products

    Thanks man, I've sent you a PM.
  3. Toby

    Saturday Night Contest - In The Box

  4. Toby

    Help with some products

    Hey guys, I couldn't decide where to post this. Here or in the product questions, since this is not about any particular product per se. I need help with two things. 1. The best / most practical effect for Lottery ticket into a bill or multiple bills. I'm going to perform this on the TV...
  5. Toby

    Team Building

    Hey guys, I've been asked to come up with some team building programs for companies. Does anyone have any experience or ideas in that field? It should be one hour max. I was thinking of a short magic/mentalism show, and then teach them some basic tricks that they can practice on each other or...
  6. Toby

    Playing Cards in Mentalism. Yes or No?

    Hey guys, this has been an age old question, weather to use playing cards in mentalism or not. One school of thought is that you should not use the playing cards since they associate to trickery and tricks, which is what most mentalists are trying to get as far away from, as possible. The other...
  7. Toby

    Forcing a Celebrity

    Hey guys, I need a way to force a celebrity (or any kind of information), but without using blank faced deck of cards, or the "sven pad" (I'm already using it in the same effect for something else). Thank you!
  8. Toby

    Strong Prediction Effect

    Thank you Josh, those are some good ideas. I was also thinking about the Smart Ass, but with the famous actor presentation. However, maybe a some sort of a confabulation effect would be better? Any ideas for those? Chair test is maybe the best routine to go for, however, it is really difficult...
  9. Toby

    Strong Prediction Effect

    Hey guys, I'm currently in "Serbia's Got Talent" TV show, and I passed the first stage with all 4 judges votes. I am going as a mentalist, since there are already a few magicians, so I wanted to be different and unique, which could help me get further into the competition, being the only one...
  10. Toby

    Anyone know anything about ShinSplint 2.0?

    Yes, I have it. I am greatly disappointed I have to say. In order for the changes to look as good as they do on the video, you will need months of practice since it is a VERY knacky move. Also, the condition of the cards are very important, the newer they are, the easier the move. However, they...
  11. Toby

    Table Hopping Routine?

    Just force a card and do a reveal through "reading" the body language and facial expressions.
  12. Toby

    Magicians force and marked card?

    I believe he means the "magicians force" as in "magicians choice", otherwise known as an "Equivoke". If that's the case, look up Max Mavens work, he is famous for it. Also Mark Elsdon. My personal preference is the work of Colin McLoud on this subject.
  13. Toby

    "I Got Talent" Show

    Thank you for the quick replies. The only reason I am so concerned about the video application is if I don't pass that, they will never see me in person, where I can actually shine. I was never good at recording or editing videos, especially mentalism videos. So I have no idea what effect should...
  14. Toby

    "I Got Talent" Show

    This is in the wrong section. Can a mod move this to the General Discussion? Thank you!
  15. Toby

    "I Got Talent" Show

    Hey guys, Long time no see. I have been here on the forums since day one of T11. Then I started acting recently and kind of pushed my magic/mentalism career to the side. However, there is a chance to go back in style. There is a show starting up in my country, the "Serbia Got Talent" show (the...
  16. Toby

    Shawn Farquhar FOOL US book test?

    Hey guys, Does anyone know what is the name of the book test performed by Shawn Farquhar in the first episode of season 3 on FOOL US? And where can I find it? Thank you!
  17. Toby

    Cell Phones Ruin the Magical Moment

    Hey buddy, Don't take it personally. It's just a bad timing. It's not like she took the phone to make a phone call or text or something, the phone just rang. Not much you can do about it. Sure, it's rood to answer it, but like Christopher said, maybe it was important. I mean, it's a 20 year...
  18. Toby

    Mentoring for a TV Show

    Thanks buddy! I hope I can pick your brain too, I know there is a lot of great stuff in there.
  19. Toby

    Mentoring for a TV Show

    Thanks man. Probably not, but I'll post some videos here so you'll be able to see it.
  20. Toby

    Mentoring for a TV Show

    Thanks guys for taking interest. I'll be shouting very soon, I just need to get the format of the show first (like is it gonna be a one hour special, or 10 episodes of 20 minutes etc.)
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