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  1. Magicman101

    Controlling a Card

    I am with sabor fang on thins one. If it looks great, and fools the audience, do it. As for the people who are too nervous to actually try it, well they just need to practice more. Like any slight, it takes a lot of practice, and you just have to do it.
  2. Magicman101

    Random object battle

    OK here is mine. Not quite at the quality I would have liked, but i didn't have enough time to practice it a whole lot....o well here it is. enjoy.
  3. Magicman101

    Random object battle

    @magicofadam, I didn't quite think that one through..My video will be up probably tomorrow.
  4. Magicman101

    Random object battle

    So that is exactly what I had been working on, like as far as I can tell the handling is the same...darn. Nicely done though....I guess its back to the drawing bored for me....
  5. Magicman101

    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable :: Andrei Jikh

    What are some practicing tips that you would give both someone who is interested in cardisty, and what are some practicing mistakes that could ultimately harm the progress of someone new to the art.
  6. Magicman101

    What is your favorite book?

    Art of Astonishment 1-3 Paul Harris.
  7. Magicman101

    Random object battle

    Well, i have a bunch of mid-terms this week, as well as projects...but next week is spring break for you want to comprmise and go with the 22nd?
  8. Magicman101

    Random object battle

    Ok a pen, a balloon, and a ring. how long do you guys think you will need? I was thinking have it done by the 26th. Too much time? too little time?
  9. Magicman101

    David Blaine DVDs.

    that. Was. Awesome.
  10. Magicman101

    Random object battle

    shall we wait for one more? or go for it?
  11. Magicman101

    New bike box.

    Didn't save any...
  12. Magicman101


    I am assuming that some people here use topits. I don't know how to sew, any idea how I can add a topit? Will a seamstress add one? Has anyone asked one to do that for them? Or do i just need to learn how to sew?
  13. Magicman101

    Poker Chips

    So I play a fair amount of poker with my friends, and was wondering if anyone does coin routines with poker chips instead of coins. They are a little larger, thinker, and smoother than a coin, but i have recently started practicing with poker chips, and they work surprisingly well. Does anyone...
  14. Magicman101

    What to practice

    I would say pick up a copy of "The Royal Road to Card magic"! Great book with all of the basics you need. However, most of it you won't master in a few weeks like you had said you wanted to...But it is worth every second of practice you will put into every fundamental.
  15. Magicman101

    New bike box.

    Very interesting idea thanks!
  16. Magicman101

    New bike box.

    Well, i finally used the last of the decks I had bought from costco in bulk, so today, i went to go and by a few more boxes. but i noticed that the back of the box no longer has the same back as the cards themselves, and that prevents me from doing a few tricks. anyone else have this problem?
  17. Magicman101

    Nail Under The Cups

    I know right? Major props for that. Though I think he may have been in shock..
  18. Magicman101

    Top Download Sites!

    I have always been a fan of penguinmagic. Been shopping there for years. Only recently discovered t11
  19. Magicman101

    Nail Under The Cups

    As others have said, there is a degree of danger. . Just showing you that to givea more real life example of what can happen.
  20. Magicman101

    Random object battle

    So, I have not done a lot of creating in my time as a magician, but it is something i want to get into. So here was my thought, If we have three or four people in this battle, each person names one random object, and everyone has to create an effect using at least all of the objects, plus...
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