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    Problem: Fingers are Too Smooth to do some effects

    What's disheartening is where you're learning the flourishes from.
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    Linking rings for the streets - Dan Harlan

    *1. On further examination I believe the routines are different. I was accidentally looking at Dan Harlan's The All Purpose Show, as the Ringmaster routine that is on World's Greatest Magic is from that product.
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    Linking rings for the streets - Dan Harlan

    JonathanN2 is using large stage rings. 1. Yes the Ring Master routine is the same on each product.
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    Where can I learn this?

    Actually, it’s a modified version of something else. In order to preserve the mystery for everyone else, I have sent you a DM.
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    The real reason teller is silent

    He's in a moment of silence in honor of the previous Tellers.
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    No Stupid Questions

    You mean you literally plagiarized that from some site. Props I guess, for only taking less than five months to admit it?
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    No Stupid Questions

    Actually the Vernon surname never belonged to him either. Dai Vernon's real name is David Frederick Wingfield Verner. Thanks to a Canadian newspaper and a ice skater the "Dai Vernon" name was created. The newspaper misprinted David as Dai and lots of people assumed wrongly that his last name...
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    The Card Magic of Ed Marlo

    While not as extensive as the conjuring archive is well worth checking out. It just lists the table of contents for books. It includes the table of contents for the card magic of Ed Marlo as well as 43 other Ed Marlo items.
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    Question: The spread cull and CC

    If you read it again it also says the word “generally”. Also there are no real rules on to whether you can’t overhand shuffle the cards where they need to go after the cull. Or even that you have to use the royal flush in spades. If you find that one of the other suits royal flush can be...
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    Self Working A.C.A.A.N.

    In my opinion Jason left out a few letters. I believe it is more similar to Any Chosen Card at Any Number. According to my understanding it is A.C.G.A.T.T.N Any Card Generated At The Total Number.
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    Tricks for those with bad hands?

    Move Zero Series by John Bannon Look No Hands By Wayne Dobson ebook or DVD
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    Playing card news story

    Solid reporting for Canada Television Network... no pictures of the cards.
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    Lit matchbooks

    Closest I can find is Prop Dog:
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    how can this possible is there any way of passing solid through solid like this

    Not unless you can violate physics. It is possible to make it seem like you did. But it usually requires your own television show.
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    flourish name?

    It’s the Waterwheel by Daren Yeow. Only thing is, it doesn’t look as good in real time.
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    Looking for street magician

    Eric Evan's YouTube Channel is "Secret Art of Magic".
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    Looking for street magician

    It's Eric Evans. If you were to google "texas street magician" without quotes the first video is what you described "Street Magician San Antonio Texas". P.S. The person filming did so without Eric Evans permission.
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    Is Ellusionist gone?

    Magicstream never stopped working
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    Is Ellusionist gone?

    Actually Lloyd Barnes left Ellusionist sometime in July-August 2020.
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    I'm trying to find a method that allows me to duplicate signed cards. Help?

    Brad Burt's signed Torn and restored card. Backlash by Paul Harris
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