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  1. ReapingDevil

    Las Vegas Clipped Cards

    What are your opinions on these? the clipped casino cards from Las Vegas..Bees, Aristocrats, do you people use these?
  2. ReapingDevil

    The Aces - Personal Handling What do ya think? ^^
  3. ReapingDevil

    Tivo 2.0 - Personal Handling

    like to have some feedback =)
  4. ReapingDevil

    Ace Design (Cleaner?)

    Alright, for those of you who saw my doodle in class, this is a more solid drawing i took more time on. id like to get some feedback on it, thanks ^^
  5. ReapingDevil

    Doodle Design

    Well...i was bored at science class, and this is what i got from doodling : not a concrete thing, just a doodle, but id like some feedback on it. thanks. ps. yeah, i know its slanted :\
  6. ReapingDevil

    Batteries and Butter?

    heyz everyone not sure where to put this...but i guess ill stick it here? anyways, about 2 months ago, i bought 2 bricks of tallys from batteries and butter.....dont really get the shipping system.. anyone else buy from this site? it ripped off an additional..what...$20 of my card...
  7. ReapingDevil

    Halloween Volunteering

    Hey everyone, on Halloween, i'm gonna be volunteering at a church for activities etc.. I'll be in charge of a station........i chose to make it for Magic Tricks. Anyways, i was told to do anything long as they get candy? haha. so i was thinking..showing and teaching..and somehow if they...
  8. ReapingDevil


    Hey everyone~!!! finished a compilation vid last night =) its not much...but yeah, itll have to do for the time beingz. please leave feedback =D link : thankzzz.
  9. ReapingDevil


    since i joined, for some reason, everytime i try to sign in the media section to my username, it doesnt work...its like, i never even typed in reapingdevil then password. its getting quite annoying, can anyone help? sorry if this is in the wrong section. i dont know where else to put it. so...
  10. ReapingDevil

    The Queens - Trilogy Battle

    anyone up for it? rules : ~can be the original or a variation ~simple editing is allowed ~music is allowed ~Intro, Outro, Credits allowed ~no longer than 2 minutes so basically the only negative rule is no longer than 2 minutes which shouldnt be too much of a problem. so....who...
  11. ReapingDevil

    Help Ordering

    not sure ware to put i decided here. im planning tog et centurions, guardians, and distortion.problem is...the sitee rejected my credit card for some reason. any way to contact em? im pretty new and still cant figure it out. thanks in advance
  12. ReapingDevil

    Control - Worth the buy?

    Seems like the most killer effect out there. is it worth getting? im new to theory 11, and dont know how it all works. but i was wondering if anyone whos got it able to tell me if this is gona be a dissapointment.....or worth every penny. it got a 4.5/5 , so thats prety damn high. please reply...
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