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  1. CJ11

    The most powerful effect usiing playing cards

    Personally, I love Anate by Dee Christopher. It's simply genius.
  2. CJ11

    Glitch by B. Smith - Sneak Peek

    Wow. Just after thinking my love for magic was almost gone, you show me what I've been missing. Kudos :)
  3. CJ11

    Ask Questions

    Can you clarify what you mean?
  4. CJ11

    Is Card Magic Powerful?

    Lately, there's been something that continues to bother me. I believe that card magic appears as a "trick" or "puzzle" to the spectators. Sure it's entertaining, but I feel as though they know it's just sleight of hand; therefore they can't convince themselves that they've witnessed a miracle. I...
  5. CJ11

    An introduction from a new member...

    Welcome to the forums. I suggest watching this video first. If you find that you're into card magic, I highly recommend going here for book suggestions. Sure, it may be a lot to read, but it will greatly help. P.S. I wouldn't spend much money at first, as you may decide that you don't like...
  6. CJ11

    List of where to buy decks.

    I'm not positive, but I believe I heard someone say that you can buy Aladdins at 7-Eleven.
  7. CJ11

    Blindsided - Great Effect

    Did you even watch the video before posting? You flashed at least two times, maybe more. You also didn't even lose the selected card in the deck. Please put more work into this effect before uploading.
  8. CJ11

    Best flourish on youtube

    Visit Decknique for some great tutorials.
  9. CJ11

    Best, to Impress!

    Just a question. Why must you get an extra kick in his reactions? Not everyone responds the same way to magic. Just because he didn't react the way in which you had hoped he would, doesn't necessarily mean that he wasn't astonished. On the other hand, if it was clear that he was unimpressed...
  10. CJ11

    Which Deck of Cards Should I Buy?

    I prefer Arrco U.S. Regulations or Tally Ho's, but good old Bicycles aren't half bad, either.
  11. CJ11

    Heartbeat - Mark Mason and JB Magic

    I've searched quite a bit for any information on this, yet I still havn't found much. Is the Heartbeat gimmick practical? Can I use my signature instead of a sticker?
  12. CJ11

    New and video

    It's okay, just remember to credit the creators from now.
  13. CJ11

    New and video

    I see some great potential there. Five months? That's very impressive. P.S. Make sure to give credit where it's due!
  14. CJ11

    Shapeshifter or Twirl Change?

    I prefer the Twirl Change for a few reasons. This is because is can be performed one-handed, the orientation of the card appears to have stayed the same throughout, and it has more applications (as previously stated by The Tumbleweed).
  15. CJ11

    LONELY sandwich effect

    Haha, nice. I thought of that same idea some time ago as well.
  16. CJ11

    Creativity By Accident

    I'm sure many people have. We learn through our mistakes. Now that I look back, I wish I'd recorded some of my ideas. You can always come back and build upon them, creating something greater than you thought possible.
  17. CJ11

    Torn and Restored Suggestions

    Yes, I'm aware of this. But Ultimate Ripoff isn't a complete restoration, correct?
  18. CJ11

    Torn and Restored Suggestions

    You're a tricky one David. I must say, Impromptorn does look tempting though. I guess I'll just wait a couple months to see what comes out, then make my decision from there. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone!
  19. CJ11

    Torn and Restored Suggestions

    You're probably right praetoritevong. I just expect too much I guess. Anyways, what about Troy Hooser's Bogus Torn and Restored Card, David Williamson's Torn and Restored Transposition, and J.C. Wagners One Tear at a Time? Are any of these recommended?
  20. CJ11

    Torn and Restored Suggestions

    I'm looking for a TnR that is impromptu or has minimal setup. Not only that, but I would like for it to be angle-friendly as well. I've done some research, but it can be overwhelming at times. Please help me find a TnR that is both effective and practical. P.S. I feel that older material...
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