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    Watch the greatest -- become the greatest!

    I've been watching them almost every day and I love them. To anyone who hasn't joined, click the link! Even if you can only watch a few out of all of them, you will learn a bunch from them. Lee, thanks a lot for these videos.
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    Cutting the Aces Discovery

    Thats what I was thinking. Id be interested to see someone do it and/or learn it!
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    How are is it a trick deck?

    Well then its different in Australia than here. In America Bicycle is the universal deck and everyone knows and trusts it. I guess because there is no normal deck you can use anything! I would say that if you use a custom deck, you should pull it out and explain that it is not a trick deck...
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    Angles on Riot?

    Yup. Theres a surrounded version thats kinda cool, but it is sleightly unnatural. If you need to do it surrounded you could pull it off with this method and I dont think people would question.
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    Performers Should Be Less Boring

    GREAT POST. Wow that was really good, I must agree. It is difficult to completely lose your nervousness and be confident in what you do, but once you can learn to be yourself, and do great magic at the same time, you can start the road to success. The hardest part is losing the nervousness and...
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    My Creations

    Cause it sounds awesome. Im not a big fan of color changes, I like the ones that are simple and visual, not complicated or just overly hard when they could be simple. (ex. Jones change) Keep up the good work though, but remember that in a performance, your only going to use one or two color...
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    Shape Shifter Help

    Just make sure you pull your fingers down hard and fast. I know people hate this, but it does take practice. As Joel would say, it's knacky. Dont worry, if you're dedicated and really desire to learn it, it will come.
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    Rare magic videos

    I have, but most of them dont work on my computer. Ive seen a few and I agree, they are great, inspiring, and very helpful and definitely are helping my magic; at least those I have seen.
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    World Magic Awards

    I just watched it. I made a thread about it on Ellusionist for those of you that are interested. I loved it. Jeff McBride was astounding, and his boomerang card or whatever its called was like 50ft. Lance Burtons trick was pretty cool. I recorded the show at my grandmas and when her card...
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    A deck color change combined with a deck color change with no cover or quick moves. Or slow moves for that matter.
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    Five good card tricks to do in school

    Biddle Stigmata Card inbetween jokers Blue card- where their card turns blue in a whole red deck and then the blue card changes into the second selection made. ACR Subway Hoffzy Osbourne-working on it.
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    Do these flow together?

    You could hand them the 4 cards after the 5th has disappeared and keep the rest of the deck and do a mercury card fold and then place in your mouth whenever you need to. That is just an idea that came to my head while we were talking about this, not necessarily good, so no one be hatin me for my...
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    Card to box

    There is one by dan and dave in the nursery rhymes series. IT is very difficult, but it is what you are looking for, except that you have to touch the box, but it could be just to hand it to them if you performed it well. Anyway thats my help.
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    Do these flow together?

    I think that is great! The theme of card to mouth is pretty good. Personally I like the routine and if someone showed it to me Im sure Id like it. Maybe an ambitious card would be nice, but thats just an idea.
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    I need tricks!

    Biddle, stigmata, and 2 card monte are easy go to tricks. Terrible for performing in front of other magicians but perfect for an audience that doesn't know magic. But with 5-6 years of experience, you should try the trilogy. I think that they are great walk around tricks despite what the post...
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    Deck Flip Q

    I was about to start a thread on this until I saw this one. The responses have been great. I always lose the bottom card when I do it. I was getting pretty frustrated with it. Ill try what people have said and let you guys know how it goes!
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    Am I on the right road?

    I think flourishes is a little advanced for a beginner, but if you like the challenge go for it. As said before Xtreme Beginners 1 and 2 are really good. The Royal road to card magic teaches a load of sleights and other useful stuff and I think it would be great for any beginner to have. I...
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    Slip force or spread control are good. Floop is ok as a force, but I dont use it for that. Anyway, there was a thread recently about forces that I read. It listed the names of them and I posted on it. Do a quick search and you'll find it. Also there are just regular shuffle controls taught all...
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    no, his parents got the story wrong. We got it squared away.

    no, his parents got the story wrong. We got it squared away.
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    "Do a trick."

    A great one is Subway from the Trilogy. I just learned it and Im hooked. Other great choices are ACR, biddle, stigmata, or ID if you have one on you, but really you should just perform any trick that you would do if you asked someone if you could show them a trick. You dont have to do these...
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